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10 Top Rated & Exotic Beaches in Brazil

Brazil is an ideal destination for travelers who want to visit exotic beaches. Brazil is the largest country in South America and is well-known for its beautiful beaches, great soccer players, lush rainforests, beautiful women, as well as beautiful soccer players. 

The Beaches in Brazil are known for their vibrant music and dance culture. They also enjoy the delicious cuisine and large-scale festivals such as Carnival.

Brazil occupies 50 percent of South America’s land and is right on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s therefore no surprise that Brazil has golden beaches and easy access to some the most stunning coastlines in the continent.

You won’t be disappointed if your main reason for traveling to Brazil is to get your tan done. You have the option to either lay on the beach and get tanned or you can explore the hills and trails around the area. Either way, your skin will turn golden.

There are beautiful beaches all around the city. Rio de Janeiro even has two. There are plenty of other beaches worth exploring, but this is the list of top Beaches in Brazil.

Baia do Sancho #1

This beach is consistently ranked among the top ten beaches in the world because of its clear blue waters. Trip Advisor, Weather Channel, and many other sources claim that this beach is unmatched in its beauty. It’s located on the remote Fernando de Noronha archipelago. 

Baia do Sancho- 10 Top Rated & Exotic Beaches in Brazil
Lopes Mendes Beach

Praia do Lo, another beach in the archipelago is also highly rated. Both beaches have clear blue waters and are great for snorkeling and swimming. The island chain is very sparsely populated even in high season. This makes it a wonderful place for romantic beach solitude.

This golden beach, which is located within a national marine reserve, is home to many wildlife, including protected turtles. The UNESCO World Heritage Site status is the only reason that development in this area is prohibited.

This means that you will find pristine azure waters and great driving opportunities. There is also lush vegetation. It’s all within quiet surroundings. The beach itself is difficult to reach so there won’t be many tourists. You can explore the area on foot. There are treacherous paths that will take you through rocks and ladders that will reward you with breathtaking views.

Copacabana Beach #2

Copacabana Beach is unquestionably one of the most popular Beaches in Brazil.Millions of tourists visit this world-famous coast every year.

Brazil’s most popular beach is located right in the middle of Rio de Janeiro. This is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a peaceful, private getaway that allows you to enjoy the soft sands all by yourself. This beach is popular with actors and models from South America, as well as for water sports like surfing and entertainment.

There are many cafes, restaurants, hotels and even historical forts that can be found along the boardwalk. One of these houses a museum about military history. The best views from your hotel rooms are right here, overlooking the green sea, if you’re able to afford it.

This is Why We Recommend This Beach

Enjoy the perfect beach vacation with family and friends by visiting Copacabana Beach.This stunning coastline boasts 4 km of powdery-sand shoreline with sparkling cerulean waters.

You can enjoy a variety of activities on land as well as in the water.You can have a great time on the water by stand-up paddling, surfing, or body surfing.You can also relax on the beach and get tan.

Copacabana Beach
Copacabana Beach

Expert Tip

You can’t leave Rio de Janeiro without seeing the magnificent statue of Christ The Redeemer.This landmark is 98 feet high and can be found just 20 minutes from Copacabana Beach.

Lopes Mendes Beach — Ilha Grande #3

Lopes Mendes Beach is the main attraction, a white, sandy stretch of coastline known for its surfing. An additional boat ride to Pouso is required, followed by a 25-minute forest hike. Alternatively, you can embark on a seven-kilometer hike through stunning thick jungle from Vila do Abraao.

Lopes Mendes Beach
Lopes Mendes Beach

This is Why We Recommend This Beach

Lopes Mendes Beach is stunning with its white sand and glimmering aqua water. There are also many trees that provide shade for the sun on sunny days.

Enjoy multiple activities with friends, family, and your partner to have a great time.

Expert Tip

Lopes Mendes Beach is not a good place to eat, so make sure you bring snacks and food for your friends.

Ipanema #4

You might find the constant energy and go-go-go of Copacabana a little too much. Ipanema is nearby. Ipanema beach is perhaps the most well-known in the world, partly due to the memorable The Girl From Ipanema bossa Nova song. It’s more about relaxing and enjoying the sun than it is about the action.

This area is known for its mild winters and huge surfs. In winter, the area produces amazing barrels full of light-blue water, which surfers will surely appreciate.

Apart from the usual stalls selling food, this mosaic-like promenade also features an unusual array of open-air fitness centers, which are always packed with people working out before they step back onto the sand.

Ipanema Beach

A little further west of Ipanema, and on some gentle sloping hills is a second beach named Lebon. But it’s best known for Posto 10, which refers to the 10th lifeguard station located here.

If you are feeling energetic, the Dois Irmaos hill is just a few minutes away. It offers stunning views of Rio de Janeiro and its surroundings from its summit.

Jericoacoara Beach — Jijoca de Jericoacoara, Ceará #5

This is the place to be if you are looking for a quiet corner of paradise in Brazil. The area surrounding Jericoacoara Beach didn’t have electricity until 1998. This is no longer true – although street lights are prohibited and there is a possibility to see stars after the sun sets, tourists head here to search for virgin beaches and quiet spots for windsurfing. This is one of the beautiful Beaches in Brazil.

Jericoacoara Beach

It takes several hours to get to Jericoacoara beach. The last 45 minutes are spent driving off-road through sand dunes, past small fishing villages, and along shore.

The sunset is the main attraction, along with the white sands of the beach and the sport-friendly winds. Many people come to the beach to see the sun set into the ocean.

Praia do Espelho #6

Praia do Espelho lies on the south coast in Bahia between laid-back Caraiva and trendy Trancoso. It is frequently cited as another contender for the title of Brazil’s most stunning beach. It is difficult to access, so not many people make it to this exclusive spot.

Praia do Espelho
Praia do Espelho

Espelho, the Portuguese word for mirror, is what the beach is called. It is created when the tide is low, the sun is shining on the water, and there is a mirror effect. It doesn’t matter if you don’t see this phenomenon, it’s just another beautiful beach. That’s enough for us!

The beach is quite long and continues southwards. The beach has a tropical vibe with palm trees growing along the base of the cliffs. There are a few kiosks on the beach that sell snacks and drinks. However, because it is remote, these are quite expensive due to the exclusivity of the beach.

Praia de Pipa #7

Although the quiet, northern Praia De Pipa beach is a favorite of locals for many decades, most international tourists don’t know about its existence. 

Praia de Pipa
Praia de Pipa

While the town has seen a lot of growth over the past few decades, the vibe is still casual and laid back. This is partly due to laws that protect the area from unwanted expansion and carefully choosing where and what can be built. Pipa still has a wide range of restaurants and hotels that cater to both backpackers as well as high-end boutique travellers.

Praia do Pipa is a beach with golden sands set against pinkish 10-meter high cliffs that are covered in greenery. You can also rent kayaks and sunbeds, learn how to surf, or simply take a dip in the ocean at nearby Praia de Madeiro.

Porto de Galinhas, Recife #8

Porto de Galinhas, located to the south-east of Recife, has been featured in Brazil’s most prestigious tourist magazine. This village was once a fishing community. But the beautiful reef pools make it a great place to snorkel and swim. The colorful tropical fish will also add beauty to the environment.

Porto de Galinhas, Recife
Porto de Galinhas, Recife

A small boat can be hired to go out on your explorations, provided you don’t enter protected areas. It is 11-miles long. There are many options for accommodation and restaurants nearby.

Maragogi #9

Maragogi is Brazil’s largest barrier Reef, a huge nature preserve and some of the most stunning natural pools in Brazil. Gales is the name of the pools. They can only be seen at low tide. They are located six kilometers away from the main beach stretch and can only be reached by boat.


Maragogi, located in Northeast Brazil is far from the bustle of the busy beaches to the south, can be found in Northeast Brazil. This is where river and ocean meet, creating a natural setting of calm and clean waters that are ideal for swimming, as well as for snorkeling and diving among coral reefs.

The region hosts a variety of outdoor events since 2015, including an annual Trail Running contest.

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