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Campo Grande: 7 Top Adventurous Things To Do In Campo Grande, Brazil

Adventurous Things To Do In Campo Grande, Brazil

Campo Grande, Brazil’s capital, is the largest city. It has a total land area measuring 8,096.05 km in the municipality, and 154.5 km in the urban. The population is 853.622 in the municipality; 1,069.420 in the metro.

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Enjoy the park surroundings

Campo Grande boasts many parks, all of which are wonderful for relaxing and enjoying the fresh air. This park is great for families with young children, who will enjoy the views and have tons of fun. Parque das Nacoes Indigenas, Praca Ari Coelho, Parque Ecoologico do Soter, Lago do Amor, Praca Pantaneira, Prosa State Park, Praca do Papa are some of the parks that you should see.

Enjoy the stunning museums

Visit the museums of Campo Grande to learn about the history and artifacts of the iconic landmarks. This is a great way for you to explore the region and get to know Campo Grande. There are five museums worth visiting in Campo Grande.

Campo Grande
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Belmar Fidalgo Stadium: Exercise

Praca do Papa can be a good alternative for those who do not want to travel to the parks. They also have a playground and sand volleyball courts. The track is 400m long, which makes it a great place to run and exercise. It is a great way for Campo Grande to be enjoyed. A walk around the stadium is a good idea if your interests aren’t in exercise and sports.

Wander around Horto Florestal

Horto Florestal can be found in the middle of the city. This is a wonderful place to escape from the bustling city. You can take a walk, or read a book in the library. It’s also free to everyone.

Get the best food around town

If you’re traveling, ditch the convenience foods and try out the local food at Campo Grande. It is the best way for you to explore the city. For a quick bite, Imakay Oriental Y Peruano is the best place.

Stroll around Monumento Imigracao Japonesa

Monumento Imigracao Japonesa (a replica of an original Japanese construction) is a monument. It is a great place for taking pictures and walking around the neighborhood. Go to this square if time permits. Although the square is not well-known, it is worth a visit.

Book a private sightseeing and nature tour

You can experience Campo Grande with a private tour. It is a good idea to book a private tour, especially if your goal is to travel stress-free. The travel agency will arrange everything, including transportation, accommodation, meals, and all the activities and places you’re going to see.

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