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Outdoor Activities in Montana: Montana is the American West at its finest. The state’s rugged landscape still reveals a bit of its wild past, as evidenced by its small towns and vast unaltered natural areas. Montana is the 4th largest country by land area and the fourth most populated. Over the past 100 years, these uncrowded areas have attracted explorers, writers and Big Sky enthusiasts from all over the country to Montana.

Many of Montana’s activities are focused on adventure and the outdoors. Montana is known for its vast and beautiful landscapes. The state’s wild places are unmatched in the country, from the mountains that glisten in Glacier National Park to its many wild rivers full of trout.

Montana, also known as Big Sky Country in the US, is the most northern of all the US States. The area is known for its beautiful and rugged landscapes, rich wildlife, and popular outdoor activities. This area is well-known for its many outdoor activities in Montana.

It is a large state, the fourth largest in America, but it is also one of its least populated. It’s therefore the ideal destination for practicing social distancing. There are plenty of open spaces outside of larger cities.

Best outdoor activities in Montana

We’ve compiled a list of Montana’s best outdoor activities for those who want to get out in the wild, feel the adrenaline pumping, and enjoy the amazing natural beauty.

The majority of larger Montana Resorts will offer most of the activities listed below, as well as a few more fun activities that you can do during your stay.


For beginners, hiking is one of the easiest sports to get into. Hiking is a simple sport that involves walking from one point to the next using your body’s muscles. To not sell the sport, a lifetime of good habits in hiking can open up a world full of adventure and opportunities for healthy living.

Each hiking adventure begins the same way. For those who are new to the sport of hiking, the first step is the most important. You don’t need to hike in the mountains or desert or on foreign lands. Walking out your front door is one of the best ways you can get started in hiking.

After you’ve explored the area, there are no limits to where your next hike might take you. Wandering trails around the globe take you through massive sand dunes and behind rushing waterfalls to reach remote mountain lakes. It’s a life skill that can take you to new places.

You don’t have to wait for the perfect time to start hiking. These tips will help you get started.

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Montana hiking is a wonderful way to see the region and to enjoy the wildlife and nature. There are many hiking trails in Montana, both multi-day and day hikes. Glacier National Park and Bob Marshall Wilderness are some of Montana’s most popular hiking destinations.

There are many hiking routes in Montana, from mountains to lakes, glaciers to caves, waterfalls and waterfalls.

Water sports

Montana offers a wide range of opportunities for water enthusiasts to enjoy the beautiful waterscapes. Whitewater rafting is a great option for thrill-seekers. Flyboarding is also an option. Surfers who are experienced can take their boards out on the scenic rivers of Montana to experience the waves. For a more relaxed water experience, stand-up paddle board, canoeing, or kayaking are all options.

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You might prefer to be on the water than in it. Join a boating adventure. You can sail across Flathead Lake or go waterskiing at Canyon Ferry. Or charter a fishing boat to fish on Fort Peck Lake.

Take a soak in one of Montana’s hot springs

Montana is home to many hot springs, which are just one of its many natural attractions. Most of Montana’s main hot springs have been developed. This means that they are pools with natural hot water. These hot springs are usually found in Montana’s western half.

One of the most popular hot springs in Montana can be found at Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort . It is located near the Clark Fork River in Paradise in Montana, about an hour’s drive northwest Missoula. The resort has recently added natural outdoor pools to its beautiful landscape. You can also find lodge rooms, cabins and the exquisite Hardwood House Restaurant at this resort.

Another fun hot spring to visit is Chico Hot Springs. This resort was established in 1900 and features a large, open-air swimming pool. But it’s also known for its unique atmosphere. This and its prime location in Paradise Valley are just a few minutes from the Yellowstone River.

Outdoor Activities in Montana
Credit: flickr

Other noteworthy soaking spots are Lolo Hot Springs close to the Idaho border, and Elkhorn Hot Springs within the Pioneer Mountains. Yellowstone Hot Springs is a hot spring that’s relatively new and has one of the best outdoor pools in the state. It’s located 30 miles from Chico Hot Springs.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is a great way to experience the American West. One of the best ways to see Montana is by horseback. You have the option to visit a ranch or enjoy a leisurely afternoon on the trails.

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Rock climbing

There are many great spots to rock climb in Montana, with so many mountains and cliffs. Check out these top Montana climbing spots. Bozeman, known as the Northern Rockies’ climbing capital, is one of Montana’s most popular climbing spots. Gallatin Canyon is a popular spot in Bozeman.

Montana has a lot of mountains that you can climb! This is one of favourite Outdoor Activities in Montana.

Learn more about the cattle industry at Grant-Kohrs Ranch, Deer Lodge

This ranch was established by John Grant, a Canadian fur trader, in 1862. It was later expanded by Conrad Kohrs by Conrad Kohrs. The ranch was once the heart of a 10-million-acre cattle empire. The ranch is a historical site that serves as a memorial to the Western cattle industry, from the mid-1800s up to the present. 

Source: wikimedia

You can also see live demonstrations at the ranch’s cattle ranch. You can also visit 88 historical buildings and hike almost 10 miles on ranch roads and trails, and tour the ranch house. Grant-Kohrs Ranch can be found in Deer Lodge, located 37 miles northwest from Butte. Many tourists stop at the ranch while on their way to another destination and consider the historical site a worthwhile detour.

More details About Grant-Kohrs Ranch, Deer Lodge

Address: 266 Warren Ln, Deer Lodge, MT 59722, United States
Phone:+1 406-846-2070
Established: 9 August 1972


Fly fishing is the best way to express Montana’s soul. Fly fishing is the best way to capture Montana’s essence in a state known for its big mountains and glacier-carved landscapes. Montana’s rivers are the inspiration for entire literary careers. These blue-ribbon waterways will always be remembered by those who visit.

Many of Montana’s streams and rivers are home to trout. The surrounding landscapes look like postcards from regional airports. Montana has fly fishing season every day of the year, regardless of whether the river is in spring, summer or fall. Even in the winter, some of the most popular spots for fly fishing are still open to anglers.

Fishing Montana’s many waterways is almost a social sin. First-time fly casters will be able to benefit from the knowledge and experience of commercial outfitters. Nearly all Montana trout rivers are accessible for guided trips. A Montana fishing license is required for anyone who wants to cast their own line.

Our Montana fly fishing guide will help you find your next hobby. You can go fishing at following places:

  • Gallatin River
  • Madison River
  • Missouri River
  • Yellowstone River

Montana is a great place to get some fresh air

It doesn’t matter what month it is, it’s the best time to visit Montana and take in the breathtaking scenery while getting some fresh mountain air

After spending so much time in the house over the past few months, it’s a great place to get out of your funk. There are so many activities to choose from in Montana, you won’t be bored.

FAQ: Outdoor Activities in Montana

What are some of the most popular Outdoor Activities in Montana?

Water sports.
Horseback riding.

What are the 5 outdoor recreational activities?

Other examples of outdoor recreation activities include hiking and camping, climbing, biking, canoeing and canoeing.

What US city has the most outdoor activities?

Portland, ME
Salt Lake City, UT
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
Scottsdale, AZ
Seattle, WA

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