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7 Best European destinations for nature lovers

Asking the Average Joe what Europe has in store for him will likely lead to him telling you to visit Europe because of its charming cities, rich history, narrow alleyways, top-of-the-line museum collections, and more culture that you can absorb in a lifetime.


Europe offers some of the most beautiful locations for nature lovers, if you’re willing and able to get off the tourist path.

Here are some of the most beautiful European destinations for those who love nature.

Switzerland: Bernese Oberland Region

If you dream of the Swiss Alps this is the place you want. The area is concentrated south of Bern and features snow-capped mountains, alpine lake and charming mountain communities. All connected by a reliable system of trains and hiking paths.

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You can still enjoy the Bernese Oberland, even though it will tug at your wallet. However, there are some ways you can save money.

A train pass can make traveling around the region easier. Cooking for yourself is a great alternative to paying high prices at restaurants. I love this hostel and would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap place to stay.

Montenegro: Durmitor National Park

This small country, along the Dalmatian Coast, is well-known as one of the best places to explore Europe on a tight budget. But it’s also a place that has an incredible love for nature.

It was the Black Lake hike in Durmitor National Park which I remember most fondly from my backpacking trips through the Balkans. This country is so small, Durmitor National Park doesn’t take more than a one-day trip from any place in Montenegro.

The Bay of Kotor, which is a dramatic fjord-like region of clear water and charming towns built into beautifully arranged mountains, comes in second. This area is second only because it’s often visited by cruise vessels and is usually overcrowded during daylight hours.

Worldpackers provides a great selection of exchange projects for Montenegro. Only work for a few hour a day and enjoy all the beauty this country has to offer.

Scotland: Isle of Skye

Scotland’s entire country is great for nature lovers. Even Edinburgh’s capital has Arthur’s Seat mountain day hike.

It feels like you are stepping back into time as the Scottish highlands’ northernmost island is a place where nature rules. If you aren’t confident enough driving, multi-day tours can be arranged from Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Germany: Black Forest

Germany’s Black Forest will make you feel like you’re walking through a Brothers Grimm fairy story. It’s a top choice for lovers of nature and one of the most beautiful European destinations.

As the name implies, you will be exploring dense evergreen forests. It is also known for its vineyards, thermal spas, coo-coo clocks, and thermal spas. ).

Worldpackers offers a variety of exchange opportunities throughout Germany. Find out about opportunities to work in holistic and hostel management as well as on farms.

Italy: Umbrian Countryside

I’m sure that you’ve heard of Tuscan Countryside in Italy. There, rolling hills and world-class wineries seem to be painted with a thousand shades of soft, green. But what about Umbria?

Umbria has many of the same attributes as its northern neighbor. This Tuscany is budget-friendly.

Hostels and hotels are often located in quieter areas. It’s also close to Rome, making this an easy region to visit for those with limited time.

Worldpackers Italy offers more than 100 different exchange projects. You can view the entire list, as well as the Worldpackers Italy Travel Guide, to start planning your bucket list trip!

Portugal: Algarve Coast

This one is only for the water-lovers. The Southern Coast of Portugal offers a fantastic destination for nature enthusiasts, with temperatures that are warmer and more sun than the rest of Europe.

You will find the Algarve boasts some of Europe’s finest beaches. The Algarve is a great place to spend a few lazy days sunbathing. However, you can also enjoy sea kayaking.

If you are looking for an additional boost in your budget, choose a Worldpackers Experience in Portugal rather than a traditional accommodation. There are many opportunities available!

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