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Europe: Exciting Upcoming festivals in Europe in 2022!

Europe Festivals

You may be considering a trip to Europe this summer, and you may be wondering how to get to some of the many exciting music festivals in the region. If you want to see some of the best performers and see the best stage design, you should attend one of the many Europe Festivals. Whether you’re a music fanatic or just interested in the culture, Europe Festivals are sure to satisfy your tastes.

The continent is filled with festivals throughout the year. These festivals celebrate everything from music to arts to religion. You’ll be able to attend any number of these events, so make sure you plan your trip around the ones you’re interested in. Make sure you book your tickets well in advance to avoid missing any of these events. Many of the festivals have limited tickets, so book early! Once you’ve chosen the best dates for your trip, you can then make plans for the festival of your choice.

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All Points East (19 Aug – 28 Aug 2022)

All Points East made a sensational debut in 2018 and has since become a fixture of Victoria Park east London. They continue to push the boundaries with well-curated lineups that span genres and scenes.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe (5 Aug–29 Aug 2022)

It is simply known as the Fringe and it is one of the most important August festivals Europe 2022. It is also the largest festival of art in the world. In 2017, the Fringe had 53,232 performances at 3398 shows across 300 venues throughout the Scottish city. The events cover theatre, dance and opera as well as music and art. They are open to all. Edinburgh Comedy Awards, which are presented to the best comedy shows, give the festival a greater profile. In 2022, the Edinburgh festival will be the largest festival in Europe.

Creamfields (25 Aug–28 Aug 2022)

Creamfields, one of the most prestigious festivals for dance music on the planet is filled with international stars. Creamfields has everything you need to hear electronic music.

Reading & Leeds Festival (26 Aug–28 Aug 2022)

The Reading & Leeds Festival, one of the most exciting festivals in Leeds, is one of the most popular European musical festivals. This festival takes place every August Bank Holiday weekend. It is fun and includes camping. This is the perfect place to go if you’re planning a summer trip Leeds!

La Tomatina Festival (31 August 2022)

La Tomatina, which is held in Bunol, is one of the largest European food festival. It’s all about the food fight, particularly with tomatoes. You can witness the vibrant red hue being applied to the place by seeing tons of over-ripe tomatoes being thrown at one another. It’s not just locals who get to enjoy this fun, messy, and enjoyable festival in Spain. Only 20,000 people are eligible to win tickets.

The Dimensions Festival (1 Sept – 5 Sept 2022)

The Dimensions Festival is an annual festival that takes place in Helsinki , Finland, from the 1st through 5th of September 2022. It celebrates creativity and experimentation. In 2005, the Helsinki City Art Museum founded it. It has grown to be one of the most important and influential European art festivals. If you love art, make sure to mark your attendance at one of the most important European festivals.

Oktoberfest (17 Sept – 3 Oct)

Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival held in Munich each year that is one of the upcoming European festivals. It celebrates Bavarian culture and has been going on since 1810. People gather to drink beer, other alcoholic beverages and listen to music. They also eat traditional German food like sausages and roasted chicken and take part in many activities.

Dead Good Fun

You will see something completely different at this festival than what you normally see at festivals. This festival takes place in rural Galicia. The devout Spaniards who have survived near-death experiences in the last year are paraded through the streets in coffins. It is one of the most traditional European festivals. This is believed to be a thanksgiving ceremony of Santa Marta and God. Following the Spanish funeral rules, relatives and friends follow the coffins.

Amsterdam Light Festival (1 Dec 2022 – 22 Jan 2023)

The Amsterdam Light Festival brings the city to life. International and national light artists showcase their work in the centre of the city. Designers and architects submit hundreds of entries. The selection committee selects 30 artworks. You can either follow the suggested routes (by walking, biking, or boats) to see the festival at its best or you can make your way through the installations on your own. This festival is characterized by a youthful and hip vibe.



Where is the Biggest Festival in Europe?

European festivals start in June, when the Pentecost holiday brings a three-day weekend. Primavera Sound opens in Barcelona, Rock Hard Festival kicks off in Gelsenkirchen, and Orange Blossom Special hits Beverungen. Next week is the Roskilde music festival in Denmark. Then, in July, the EDC and Ultramusic festivals hit Portugal. In August, there’s Love Parade in Barcelona, and in September, Glastonbury takes the stage in the UK.

Which is the Famous Festival of Europe?

Among the many popular European festivals, Carnaval is perhaps the largest and most famous. Often characterized by the theme of role reversal, it is celebrated throughout the continent. The festival culminates in the infamous Bonte Avonden – a grand banquet held in most households – and the D’n Optocht, a colorful parade. Among its most recognizable features is the Motley Storm, a mascot of the festival whose main purpose is to scare away evil spirits.

Is Glastonbury the Biggest Festival in Europe?

Thousands of music fans, both young and old, flock to the UK every year to experience the world’s largest festival. This once-in-a-lifetime event is a unique opportunity to experience a range of music genres, styles, tastes, and people. No matter what your age, taste, or fashion sense, you’ll have a great time at Glastonbury. However, if you’re planning on going this year, make sure to book your spot early.

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