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Islands Where Humans are Prohibited ( We’re Too Afraid to Visit Anyway).

ISLANDS : Are you one among those people who have a favorite country or region? Do you return year after years to that place every year? Maybe you visit the same place more than once. Maybe you even have one those corkboard maps of all the world in your living space, with pins inserted into different places to mark them off. Every travel bucket list is different. This is the beauty of travelling.

No matter your budget, your tolerance for heat/cold, and your desire to see the world, there’s a destination or vacation that is perfect for you. However, for many people, the sun is going be a significant part of the entire thing.


Take me, for example. As a Brit who is super pale, I amn’t the most avid sun-worshipper. Since the year 1452, we haven’t seen a drop in rainy seasons. I must be careful when I go out in the sun because my skin isn’t used enough to it. I might even burst into flames like Dracula. However, I love the novelty of some heat.

Many luxury island destinations are available for those who wish to visit them. The Balearic Islands of Spain, the Seychelles, and many other islands in Greece are all beautiful.

However, you will want to avoid the Island of Dolls, Japan’s Gas Mask Island, Brazil’s Snake Island and Japan’s Gas Mask Island. Why? I’m glad that you asked.

NO HUMANS ALLOWED: Snake Island, Brazil- Snakes-Amundo

ISLANDS : The Ilha da Queimada Grande, located off the Brazilian coastline. Snake Island is its name. This is due to the numerous reptilian resident.

This is where the golden lancehead pit vipers lived. The sea levels rose a long time ago, cutting off access from the mainland. Due to their unique environment, the snakes developed in a different way to their closest relatives. (Golden lanceheads can be found only here). This gave them a very potent venom, and an arboreal nature to help their hunting birds, which is their only real source for prey.

Image credit: Flickr

Due to their fearsome nature, these snakes are not allowed to live on the island.

Except for the strictly-vetted scientists who occasionally visit to confirm this, there are still quite a few snakes here. Oh, and the Brazilian Navy.

NO HUMAN PERMITTED: Gruinard Island Scotland, What Happened To The Sheep?

Gruinard Island, although it looks very small, is actually quite impressive. It’s a small, uninhabited Scottish Highlands island, so you wouldn’t think anything sinister could have occurred there. You would be surprised to learn that this island was used for government experiments with anthrax during WWII.

The 13th Floor details that the island had been thoroughly cleaned with formaldehyde was declared safe in 1990. Many people remain skeptical about that and would prefer the island to remain in its abandoned state. It is unlikely you will see anyone move in, but that’s pretty certain.

NO HUMANS ALLOWED. North Sentinel Island. India. The Locals Aren’t Big on Telemarketers

ISLANDS :Here’s a warning. North Sentinel Island is located in the Bay of Bengal. This island is part of the Andaman Island. True to its name, it is home to the Sentinelese tribe. However, no other humans are permitted there. The tribespeople seem pretty sure of this.

The island is believed to have been the home of peoples far removed from modern civilisation. In the past, trespassers were killed at the hands islanders. They reject any attempts at communication. As such, Indian officials who technically oversee the island respect the Sentinelese wish to be left alone and don’t approach.

HUMANS ARE NOT ALLOWED: Reunion Island (France) – Not A Great Area For A Reunion

This seems like a lovely, wholesome place. It’s a place where you can meet people that you haven’t seen in a while, and talk about the silly things you did.

Don’t be deceived. This is not the location you want for your school reunion. It is more like a terrifying location to film Jaws 2. Life Death Prizes states that shark populations have been increasing since 2011 and there have also been many attacks on Reunion. The 2013 ban on open-water swimming, surfing and all other forms of open water swimming was a result. It has an estimated population of 865,000.

TOO SCARED TO VISIT: Gas Mask Island, Japan- No Gask Mask? No Entry.

If snakes aren’t enough to give you the heebie-jeebies, how about an island with a severe sulphur-spewing-volcano problem?

That’s right, friends. Japan’s Izu Islands can be found south of Tokyo. Miyake Jima is one of the most prominent, thanks to the massive amounts of sulphur and active volcano that continues to eject between regular eruptions.

Atlas Obscura states that an eruption caused the island’s evacuation in the year 2000. Five years later, the gas levels had decreased enough for residents to be allowed to return. But there was one restriction: they were required to have gas masks available at all times, ready to go at any time. They do it still, as does anyone who dares.

TOO SCARY TO VISIT: Mexico, The Island of the Dolls- Are You Home Chucky?

I am a horror lover and have read and watched countless stories about spooky dolls. It’s a popular trope and people are always trying to bring new life to the Child’s Play idea.

In the real world, however, you can cross to Mexico’s Islade las Muecas to feel that exact feeling. According to legend, Don Julian Santana Barrera owned the Island of Dolls once. He said that he found a girl who had drowned and set up a doll from a tree to show his respect.

Barrera died, but visitors came from all parts of the globe to continue hanging dolls here, creating quite the grim scene.

TOO CARED TO VISIT: Saba Island. Caribbean- Beautiful Weather We’re Having…

There are many reasons why you might give certain islands more births than others. Perhaps some residents aren’t as friendly as you would like, like North Sentinel Island. Mother Nature may sometimes try to keep you away.

Saba Island in the Caribbean Sea is a peaceful little haven. It is home only 2,000 people and is not a tourist destination. Why? Partly because Mount Scenery, the volcano scientists believe is about to blow again and partly because the violent hurricanes.

“In the last 100 year, the tiny island was hit by more hurricanes that any other island,” reports Life death Prizes.

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