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Top 7 Places to Visit in Egg Harbor, New Jersey




Little Egg Harbor Township might not be as well-known than other cities in the United States, but that shouldn’t deter you. Little Egg Harbor Township is an upcoming tourist destination, which is smaller than other cities in the United States.

It is definitely worth a trip. It is a hidden treasure trove of unique and beautiful things that you will find. You may want to go back one day to enjoy the Little Egg Harbor Township.

Continue reading if you’re planning on visiting the United States, but aren’t sure if Little Egg Harbor Township should make it onto your itinerary.

“Below is a list that includes some things you can do in Little Egg Harbor Township. It is our belief that you will be delighted to include this city in any travel plans.

#1 Stafford Forge WMA (Wildlife Management Area) Shooting Range

A day outdoors is the best way to make a memorable day. If you’re looking for target practice, Stafford Forge WMA (Wildlife Management Area), in Little Egg Harbor Towship, is the place for you.

Stafford Forge, a state-owned shooting range, is located in the middle the wilderness of the natural parks.”

Website:Stafford Forge Wma (wildlife Management Area) Shooting Range

#2 Mystic Island Park

The Mystic Island Park in Little Egg Harbor, Township, is a park that promotes healthy, balanced, and peaceful living. It was once known as ‘Hickory Island’. This area was constructed in the 1960s. It is great for picnic lovers. There are also excellent play areas for children in the park.

Website:Mystic Island Park
Phone:+1 609-296-7241

#3 Freedom Fields County Park

Freedom Fields County Park, located in Little Egg Harbor Township of New Jersey, USA is a park for the community. You will enjoy a beautiful hike or walk through the park’s hiking and walking trails.

The terrain changes at every turn, making it memorable. This park is a great place to camp and host a barbecue night.”

Website:Freedom Fields County Park
Phone:+1 609-296-5329

#4 Graveling Point Beach

This is the state’s most popular beach. This spot is home to the Edwin B Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge and offers spectacular views of sunset.

Places to visit in Egg Harbor
Graveling Point Beach

You can see the Great Bay at night and the skyline of many other towns. During the summer, this is a popular spot for fishing.

Address:665 Radio Rd, Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08087, USA, United States
Hours:Open 24 hours

#5 Shooters Sporting Center

Shooters Sporting Centre is the place to be if you’re looking to buy a gun or learn more about gun ownership. The Center is located in Little Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. It’s the largest outdoor equipment and supply store.

The center stocks a variety of firearms, outdoor gear, rifles, clothing, and other items. The indoor range is extremely well-managed and kept safe and secure by a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Website:Shooters Sporting Center
Phone:+1 609-296-4080

#6 St Theresa Church

The small St. Theresa Church is a must-see when you visit Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey. This community is very active and organizes many events.

Places to visit in Egg Harbor
St Theresa Church

Many devotees gather here to pray and attend mass. It is a beautiful place that is peaceful and serene.

Website:St Theresa Church
Phone:+1 609-296-2504

#7 Sea Oaks Country Club

After being purchased by Accountable Equity, the owners and operators of the Renault Winery Resort in Egg Harbor, the resort is now LBI National Golf & Resort.

The property, which includes its 194-acre 18 hole golf course, inn and country club, as well as restaurants and bars, was purchased by the firm in a deal worth more than $6.5million.

Places to visit in Egg Harbor
Sea Oaks Country Club
Address:99 Golf View Dr, Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08087, United States
6:45am–10pm daily

FAQ: Places to visit in Egg Harbor

What is Egg Harbor Township known for?

In 1614, Mey came upon the inlet to the Great Egg Harbor River. The meadows were so covered with shorebird and waterfowl eggs that he called it “Eieren Haven” (Egg Harbor).

Why is it called Little Egg Harbor?

Originally part of Burlington County, Little Egg Harbor took its name from the portion of a bay called Egg Harbor (known today as Little Egg Harbor) by the Dutch sailors because of the eggs found in nearby gull nests. The first known account of the town was made by Captain Cornelius Jacobsen May in 1614.

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