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Marshfield: 7 Best Places To Visit In Marshfield, Wisconsin

Tourist Attractions- Places To Visit In Marshfield, Wisconsin

Marshfield is a city in the state of Wisconsin. It is located in Wood and Marathon counties near the intersection of U.S. Highways 10 and 13. It is the largest city in Wood County and has a population of 18,929 as of the 2020 census.

Marshfield has a zoo called the Wildwood Zoo. This zoo has been in operation for over a century. It is believed to have been first established unofficially around the turn of the century, when utility workers from the area started caring for two black bears.

Marshfield’s livability rating is rated as above average, which indicates that the overall quality of life in the community is good. This measure is calculated by looking at a number of factors, including crime, education, cost of living, and overall happiness.

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Back to Bliss #1

Back to Bliss is a health spa located in Marshfield, Wisconsin. It is located at 105 W 3rd St. It offers a wide range of wellness services. To find out more about the health spa, visit its website. You can also read reviews about Back to Bliss.

Places To Visit In Marshfield
105 W 3rd St, Marshfield, WI 54449, United States

Back to Bliss is an award-winning salon offering a wide variety of treatments to soothe your mind, body and soul. Its services include rejuvenation body treatments and hand & foot pampering. The staff at Back to Bliss is dedicated to helping you achieve the ultimate state of relaxation.

Wildwood Zoo #2

If you enjoy visiting zoos, you’ll love the Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield, Wisconsin. This laid-back locale features gardens and natural habitats, as well as a drive-through exhibit of large animals. Visitors can also learn about the animals’ lifestyles and behaviors.

The zoo’s drive-through route takes you around all the animal exhibits. You’ll drive past bison, cougars, and elk before coming to the Kodiak bear exhibit. There are also several walking paths and parking lots throughout the zoo.

608 W 17th St, Marshfield, WI 54449, United States

Visitors can also experience a variety of plant species in the Sensory Garden. These are specially designed to engage people’s sense of touch, smell, and sight. The Wildwood Zoo is located south of downtown Marshfield. You’ll find it off of Business Highway 13 and Central Avenue.

Blue Heron Brew Pub #3

The Blue Heron Brew Pub is an industrial haunt that specializes in handcrafted brews and seasonal bites. The brews are served in a kiln-fired oven, and the staff is friendly and welcoming. A visit to this cozy bar is sure to make you want to come back again.

The Blue Heron Brew Pub is situated on 9th Street, off Central Avenue in Marshfield. The building itself has a rich history, and the decor pays homage to that history. The thick glass blocks that line the walls remind you of the old dairy that once occupied the space.

108 W 9th St, Marshfield, WI 54449, United States

Another attraction in Marshfield is the Jurustic Park, which is an outdoor sculpture park filled with sculptures of extinct animals. It is one of the most popular attractions in Marshfield. Guests can tour the park and visit the Hobbit House, which features the artwork of Nancy Wynia.

Chestnut Center for the Arts #4

Located in the heart of Marshfield, the Chestnut Center for the Arts is a cultural venue for locals and visitors. Featuring an art gallery and performing arts theater, the center features concerts, workshops, and individual artist studios.

A variety of arts and culture events are also held throughout the year. Art enthusiasts can enjoy the works of local and national artists at this venue. Art galleries and live theatrical performances are featured throughout the year.

208 S Chestnut Ave, Marshfield, WI 54449, United States

The Chestnut Center for the Arts was founded in 2003 by a local couple with an appreciation for the arts. Their dedication to the arts resulted in a thriving community arts center. The community has embraced the organization and is happy to support it.

North Wood County Historical Society #5

The North Wood County Historical Society is located at West 3rd Street in Marshfield, Wisconsin. To find it on a map, click here. You can also see 9 external resources related to the society. The museum is open Wednesday through Saturday from 1:30 pm until 4:00 pm. The museum features various displays related to Marshfield’s history.

Another historic site in Marshfield is the Upham Mansion, a Victorian mansion that houses the North Wood County Historical Society. The Upham House is a popular location for seasonal events and community activities.

212 W 3rd St, Marshfield, WI 54449, United States

The society also owns the Upham Mansion, the former home of Wisconsin Governor William H. Upham, and helped to place it on the National Register of Historic Places. The home is open to the public for tours, and the society collaborates with local organizations and local residents to plan special events.

Nutz Deep II #6

In Marshfield, Wisconsin, you can enjoy your favorite meal at Nutz Deep II. This restaurant specializes in seafood dishes. The staff is knowledgeable and will provide you with excellent service. The food is also fresh and tasty.

This restaurant has won many awards. It has been recognized as the Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s 30th Small Business of the Year. It has also won the Best of Marshfield award for its burger.

809 S Central Ave, Marshfield, WI 54449, United States

If you’re looking for a fun, local hangout, Nutz Deep II is the place to go. The bar offers twenty taps of local beer and fourteen large screens. This makes it a perfect place for socializing. The full-service bar also offers a variety of appetizers, sandwiches, and burgers.

Worlds Largest Round Barn #7

The Worlds Largest Round Barn in Marshfield Wisconsin is a red fairground barn that dates back to 1916. In 1997, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This historic landmark is a must-see when visiting the area.

The Worlds Largest Round Barn will receive new windows. Many of the original windows are rotting, and snow and rain are seeping into the barn. The new windows will improve the appearance of the barn and make it more comfortable to visit.

 513 E 17th St, Marshfield, WI 54449, United States

The Central Wisconsin State Fair Round Barn is a focal point of the fairgrounds in Marshfield. It was originally built in 1916 and serves as a venue for purebred animals. Round barns were popular in the Midwest, as they allow for more air circulation inside, which helps keep livestock cooler in the summertime.

FAQs: Marshfield, Wisconsin

Is Marshfield WI A Good Place To Live?

The city of Marshfield is located in the center of Wisconsin, surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The town is home to 19 parks, including a 100-acre free zoo. Its prairie dogs are a popular attraction. It is also a medical center with a concentration of manufacturing. The population is generally well-off.

What is Marshfield Wisconsin known for?

Before 1880, Marshfield was a rough and tumble town where many of the residents enjoyed weekly public amusements. The town’s reputation for roughness spawned a large number of saloons. These establishments were frequented by many male residents and drunken brawls were commonplace. One historical sketch written by high school students in 1914 reported seven murders in the town. The seventh was the result of a drunken Indian threatening a white man who owned a part of the town.

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