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Plantation: Top 5 Best Places To Visit in Plantation, Florida




Plantation, Florida

A Plantation is a large, agricultural estate where the main house is located. It specializes in cash crops, such as cotton and sugar cane, but there are also ancillary areas where vegetables grow. Many people associate a Plantation with slavery. However, it is possible to find luxury Plantation properties as well. Read on to learn more about what a Plantation is and how it differs from a typical home. Here are some tips to find a Plantation property for sale.

While the term plantation has historical meaning, it is still alive in contemporary rhetoric. It has been used to describe an imbalance of power (Hillary Clinton famously compared the United States Congress to a plantation), or it can describe an exclusivity of certain classes. Today, plantations are often the name of luxury real estate developments. The name implies refinement and grace, and those living in plantation homes can even purchase plantation furniture.

The term “plantation” has many definitions. The term may refer to any estate that is run by a large, wealthy individual. In colonial times, the word “plantation” was used to describe a small community that was a way out of the way of becoming a town. It is believed that Maine acquired the term from Massachusetts, and despite its widespread use, it has fallen out of vogue since the eighteenth century. Rhode Island and Massachusetts also used the term, though the word is not widely used in the state’s official name.

Plantation Aquatic Complex #1

The Plantation Aquatic Complex and Central Park Multi-Purpose Center are two municipal facilities that offer world-class amenities. They can be found at NW 2nd Street, Plantation.The complex features two Olympic-sized pools, a gym, basketball courts and a shallow pool for children. It is suitable for families and is staffed with full-time lifeguards.

Image Credit : Commons.Wikimedia

Many of the programs at the complex are designed for retirees. They include water aerobics and billiards as well as table tennis. You can take swimming lessons for children and adults, as well as a variety of educational, instructional, or health-related courses.

More Details About Plantation Aquatic Complex

Address:9151 NW 2nd St, Plantation, FL 33324, United States
Contact: +1 954-452-2525

Plantation Historical Museum #2

The Plantation Historical Museum was founded in humble beginnings. It was originally housed in a small room at City Hall.It has seen significant improvements and additions in recent years, and is now a popular place for those who want to learn more about the city’s past.This is the perfect spot to spend some time learning and have a good time.

Image Credit : Commons.Wikimedia

The museum has many displays about Native American groups, the region’s fire and police departments, and economic growth.The museum also hosts occasional exhibits. The most recent one, which focuses on 1960s America, is held in the museum. It is supported with special activities like sing-alongs and quizzes.

More Details About Plantation Historical Museum

Address:511 N Fig Tree Ln, Plantation, FL 33317, United States
Contact: +1 954-797-2722

Plantation Heritage Park #3

This park is popular with cyclists and campers, just across the Plantation Reserve Golf Course. It has a playground, picnic area, and famous walking/bicycling trail.The property may contain tropical trees, which would be a great attraction for nature lovers.

Because of their popularity, there are many food stalls near the site. This makes it easy to grab a delicious snack while you enjoy the sights.A long-standing park also features a lake, amenities, such as a fitness track and a disc golf course. There are also two playgrounds.

More Details About Plantation Heritage Park

Address:1100 S Fig Tree Ln, Plantation, FL 33317, United States
Contact: +1 954-357-5135

Plantation Farmer’s Market #4

The Plantation Farmer’s Market is held every Saturday at Volunteer Park, West Sunrise Boulevard, Plantation.It’s a mix of farmer’s market and social outing. You can spend an hour browsing seasonal fruits and veggies. You can also find locally made prepared foods like salsa, honey, and cheese.

Market hours are open all year round. Due to the abundance of Florida produce, many items are also available throughout the year.

Plantation Preserve Golf Course #5

Plantation Preserve Golf Course, an 18-hole course that opened in 2006, is now open to the public.It is located in Western Broward County, and is one the most recognizable South Florida recreational golf courses.It is located in a very urban area, but it is a tropical paradise. The preserve is approximately 60 acres.

There is a course shop, training areas, and a club that offers a wide range of food and beverages for both beginners and professionals.Book in advance if you want to play with friends or during busy times at Plantation Preserve Golf Course.

More Details About Plantation Preserve Golf Course

Address:7050 W Broward Blvd, Plantation, FL 33317, United States
Contact: +1 954-585-5020

FAQs About Top 5 Best Places To Visit in Plantation, Florida

Why is Plantation Florida Called That?

If you live in Plantation, Florida, you may wonder, Why is it called that? This city is run-of-the-mill and has all the features of a developed township, except for the racist name. Plantation is named after slavery and some residents feel a strong connection to this history. Recent toppling of Confederate statues, the recent death of George Floyd, and the ongoing #BlackLivesMatter movement have all inspired some residents.

How Far is Plantation Florida From the Beach?

The city of Plantation, FL is situated in Broward County. It is about nine miles south of the Florida Gulf Coast. The city is known for its large municipal recreation complex. The city was incorporated in 1953 and has a population of almost 90,000.

Is Plantation Florida a Good Neighborhood For Families?

Is Plantation Florida a good neighborhood for families? There are many factors to consider when deciding if the neighborhood is right for you. For one, the houses should not look the same, and it is important to have ample parking space for your car. If you do not have enough space, consider purchasing a home with a garage instead. Also, look for a good maintenance program in the neighborhood. These activities can help you identify the neighbors who are desirable for families.

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