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Athens: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Athens, Georgia

Athens, Georgia

The city of Athens is a mix of Southern heritage and modern attractions. Its dozens of bulldog statues are sure to delight bulldog fans. A visit to the Georgia Museum of Art is an essential stop for art lovers, and you’ll also find local arts and craft markets lining Downtown Athens’ streets. In addition, you’ll be able to catch a live performance or see a beautiful painting in a gallery.

If you love craft beer, try a pint at the Terrapin Brewery. The brewery is open for tours and sells its own unique beer in souvenir pint glasses. If you like beer, you’ll enjoy the 6.5% alcohol content of Luau Krunkles, a local staple. You can even try the beer for free! Once you’re satisfied with the beer, stop by the Iron Horse and climb its statue to take a picture of the city’s skyline.

Athens also has a thriving music scene, with several physical music stores that offer a variety of genres. You can enjoy the sounds of local bands, as well as more mainstream sounds at venues such as The Record Booth and Wuxtry Records. If you prefer to purchase your music online, consider purchasing it from an outlet such as Bandcamp. This will ensure you can find your favorite artist. However, if you’re not into purchasing physical records, you can still visit the physical stores in the city.

For art lovers, Athens has a number of museums and galleries. The Georgia Museum of Art is the official state museum, but there are also local and international galleries to explore. The Athens Institute for Modern Art is another place to visit. It was founded in 1875 and is a nonprofit organization. You can also visit the Ware-Lyndon House Museum, which is an 1877 mansion with beautiful gardens and a museum attached. The museum has special events on Third Thursdays.

State Botanical Garden of Georgia #1

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia, which is affiliated to the University of Georgia, has more than 300 acres of flowers, shrubs, trees, and other plants. A tropical conservatory houses plants from the warmest regions of the globe. There’s also a greenhouse where seeds and seedlings can be propagated. The medicinal garden houses specimens of plants that have been used since ancient times to treat ailments, while the shade gardens and native gardens are filled full of wildflowers, camellias and azaleas.

Image Credit : Commons.Wikimedia

Heritage gardens are plants that were popular before cross-breeding or genetic modifications. There are 5 miles of hiking trails and wide pathways that can be accessed by wheelchairs. Education programs allow visitors to get in touch with the plants and teach them about the finer points.

More Details About State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Address:2450 S Milledge Ave, Athens, GA 30605, United States
Contact: +1 706-542-1244

Sanford Stadium #2

The Sanford Stadium is a great place to see college sports, whether you are an avid fan or a long-time Georgia Bulldogs fan. The stadium is home to the Bulldogs and has 92 746 seats. It also holds the distinction of being world’s 18th-largest stadium.

Image Credit : Commons.Wikimedia

The stadium is unique and thrilling in its own right, but it is also known as the most beautiful stadium on campus in the United States. It has a beautiful architectural design, rolling hills at its west end-zone and stunning privet hedges. The stadium was built in 1929.

More Details About Sanford Stadium

Address:100 Sanford Dr, Athens, GA 30602, United States
Contact: +1 706-542-9036
Opened:12 October 1929

The Tree That Owns Itself #3

The Tree that Owns Itself is a white oak. According to local legend, it has legal guardianship over the ground and itself within 2.5m of its trunk.Although lost in time, it seems that the story began with William Jackson, hence, the alternative name for the Jackson Oak.

Image Credit : Commons.Wikimedia

William, the son of a former governor in Georgia, is believed to have given the tree ownership as a means of protecting it. However, legal scholars claim that there is no such law.The tree and a plaque can be found on Dearing Street.

More Details About The Tree That Owns Itself

Address:77 S Finley St, Athens, GA 30605, United States
Date felled:1942 (replaced)

Downtown Athens #4

Athens, Georgia is located in the northeastern region of the state. Although it may appear to be a small, sleepy city, the fact that the city has a lively, vibrant downtown core makes it stand out. It is home to the government offices and churches from several denominations. There are numerous clothing shops as well as antique shops and shoe stores.

Image Credit : Flickr

You can browse galleries and studios for art lovers. There are many cafes and restaurants in the area. While most of the restaurants offer fine Southern cuisine, there are also many that serve international cuisine such as Indian, Middle Eastern and Vietnamese. You can enjoy clubs and lounges downtown Athens until the early hours of the morning.

More Details About Downtown Athens

Athica Athens Institute #5

The Athens Institute for Contemporary Art, a non-profit art space that is entirely volunteer-run, is located in a renovated warehouse just a mile from Athens city center. Each year, it hosts four curated exhibitions of contemporary art. Many of these showcase the local art scene as well as regional artists.

Image Credit : Commons.Wikimedia

Most of the other shows are political and socially conscious. Past art exhibits have addressed homelessness, democracy and the use fossil fuels. The museum space can also be used for private art shows and musical performances, as well as film screenings.

More Details About Athica Athens Institute

Address:675 Pulaski St STE 1200, Athens, GA 30601, United States
Contact: +1 706-389-5450

Georgia Museum of Art #6

The Georgia Museum of Art, located on the University of Georgia campus is a must-see. It’s yet another example of how the university has had a positive impact on this beautiful city. The museum was established in 1945 and houses a large permanent collection of over 18,000 artworks representing a wide range of disciplines.

Image Credit : Commons.Wikimedia

Its collection includes works by American painters, Southern decorative arts, and contributions from African American artists. A number of paintings from the Renaissance and Baroque periods are also included in this collection.The sculpture garden, which focuses on women artists’ creations, is of particular interest. Admission is free but advance ticketing is required . So plan ahead. Guided tours can also be arranged.

More Details About Georgia Museum of Art

Address:90 Carlton St, Athens, GA 30602, United States
Contact: +1 706-542-4662

The Athens Double-Barrelled Cannon #7

It is a historical anomaly and can be viewed in Athens’ park, right in front of the city hall. John Gilleland, a Georgia dentist, mechanic built it in 1862 and presented it to the Confederate forces. They wisely declined. The weapon was fired three times by Gilleland’s first experiment firings. It knocked down trees, tore up cornfields, killed a cow and knocked down the chimney.

Image Credit : Commons.Wikimedia

None of these unfortunate cannon-fire victims were even close to the intended target. It was never used for military purposes and is now parked in front of Athens City Hall.

More Details About The Athens Double-Barrelled Cannon

FAQs About Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Athens, Georgia

Athens Georgia Tourist Attractions

If you are looking for something to do during your visit to Athens, you can’t go wrong with the town’s many outdoor recreation areas. Sandy Creek Park and the North Oconee River Greenway are two great places to enjoy your time in Athens. You can also take a walk on the Firefly Trail, which is currently being expanded. The trail runs alongside a historic Georgia railroad and is 14′ wide.

How to Spend a Day in Athens GA

What can I do in Athens? The city is a lively 130,000-person metropolis. Athens has plenty to offer and is colorful. A walk through its downtown will reveal plenty of vibrant trees and a rainbow crosswalk. There are many local cafes and restaurants, so a day spent here is sure to be an enjoyable experience. Here are a few ideas for your day trip to Athens.

Things to Do in Athens, Georgia

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Athens, Georgia, check out the university’s campus. The university is located on the University of Georgia campus, so there’s a lot of culture here. The Georgia Theatre opened in 1978, and it has played host to some of the biggest names in American music. The B-52s, REM, and The Police all got their start in Athens.

Is Athens Ga Worth Visiting?

In the Northeast Georgia city of Athens, a visit to the historic town of Athens may not be complete without a stop along the Antebellum Trail, which features 18th-century towns. This city is home to several historic buildings, including the T.R.R. Cobb House, which belonged to a mid-19th-century lawyer. The house features period furniture and exhibits about Southern history. Other historical sites in the city include the Greek Revival mansion of Taylor Grady, as well as the Church-Waddel-Brumby House from the early nineteenth century.

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