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Canton: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Canton, Georgia

Travel Attractions – Canton, Georgia

Canton, Georgia is the county seat for Cherokee County in the north half of Georgia. It is 65km north of Atlanta and named after Canton (now Guangzhou), a Chinese city. It is located on the traditional Cherokee Indian territory. The tribe was forcibly moved west from the Mississippi River in 1830s. Only 200 European-American settlers remained in Canton at the American Civil War, a generation later. Unionist forces burned Canton down.

Both of these tragedies have led to the creation of a vibrant cultural center with its own unique atmosphere. While historic sights are mixed with natural ones, the region also has many attractions, including Atlanta.

Cherokee County Courthouse

The historic courthouse was constructed of grey-white limestone in 1928. It is listed on the US’ National Register of Historic Places (since 1981) and replaces an earlier structure that was destroyed by fire.
The current building is a Greek Revival style, which was very popular in the ’90s.

Image Credit :Wikimedia

It is notable for its use of local marble and not brick, making it one of the most important Georgian courthouses. This building serves as both a jail and historic courthouse, and is home to a museum about the history of Cherokee County and Canton.

More Details About Cherokee County Courthouse

Address:90 North St g170, Canton, GA 30114, United States
Contact:+1 678-493-6511

Hickory Log Creek Reservoir

Hickory Log Creek Reservoir is accessible via the intersection at Bluff Parkway & Fate Conn Road. It covers over 160 hectares, and offers almost 25 km of shoreline. The reservoir, although it is almost entirely surrounded city, technically isn’t part of Canton. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the reservoir isn’t part of Canton.

Image Credit :Wikimedia

Anglers are particularly interested in the lake because it is stocked with catfish, bream and bass, among other species. It is also a popular spot for kayakers and canoers who can paddle freely across the water to explore all it has to offer.

Canton Theatre

This theatre is located in downtown Canton and has been operating for over one hundred years. The theatre first showed silent films. It was redeveloped in the 1930s and became an art deco venue.
It is now a non-profit community enterprise and hosts musicals, plays, and just about any other type of performance.

Image Credit :Wikimedia

The Canton Theatre attracts actors from all over the region and is a beloved part of the community. Residents can enjoy Broadway shows in Atlanta thanks to its continued existence.

More Details About Canton Theatre

Address:171 E Main St, Canton, GA 30114, United States
Contact:+1 770-704-0755

Etowah Water Trail

262km of northern Georgia’s Etowah River runs through Canton. It divides the state into two halves. Its water trail runs along its entire length, including the section that flows through Canton. Etowah River Park has a boat ramp that allows you to get on the water quickly and without leaving the city.

Image Credit :Wikimedia

You can either head towards East Cherokee Drive, which is approximately 20 km away, or Boiling park, which is a more accessible 3.2 km away. The water trail is suitable for novice paddlers and moves between completely unspoilt forest and rural landscapes. This perfectly captures the essence of the south.

More Details About Etowah Water Trail

Address:600 Brown Industrial Pkwy, Canton, GA 30114, United States
Contact:+1 770-720-7674

Chattahoochee National Forest

Chattahoochee National Forest, located approximately 45 minutes north from Canton in Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains is a protected area. The forest covers over 300 kilometres in total. This means that there is plenty of space to explore the forests and the blue-tinted trees that give the range its name.

Image Credit :Wikimedia

Hikers will be pleased to know that there are many trails within the forest’s protected area. Animal lovers will enjoy the diversity of wildlife that live in this forest, from coyotes to black bears. For those with mobility issues, Anna Ruby Falls can still be enjoyed by a paved walkway of only 800m from the nearest parking lot.

Tanglewood Farm

The Zoo Atlanta in downtown Atlanta is the best place to see larger animals. For smaller furry friends, visit Canton’s Tanglewood Farm. Tanglewood Farm is the best mini-pet zoo in Atlanta. It stands in beautiful countryside.

Image Credit :Facebook

There are more than 100 animals in the facility, ranging from Scottish Shetland sheep to pygmy goats. There’s also a Wild West mockup with a bank, jail and trading post. Cagle’s Family Farm, a traditional farm located in the same area, is also available. It dates back to 1935 and offers milking demonstrations, tractor rides, as well as other seasonal activities.

More Details About Tanglewood Farm

Address:2261 Sixes Rd, Canton, GA 30114, United States
Contact:+1 678-568-1508

Reformation Brewery

This craft brewery is a growing business that was started by brewers who wanted to make authentic, high-quality beers. Canton’s taproom offers a friendly, welcoming space where you can sample their latest creations and some of their favorite long-term favorites.

Image Credit :Facebook

These include barrel-aged imperial and imperial stouts as well as wine-inspired winter sours, Belgian tripels, German wheat beers, and wine-inspired Winter Sours. There are many American pale ales that offer something for everyone.

More Details About Reformation Brewery

Address:225 Reformation Pkwy Suite 500, Canton, GA 30114, United States
Contact:+1 678-341-0828

FAQs about Canton, Georgia

What is Canton GA famous for?

It’s the county seat in Cherokee County. It is also known as the hub of finance, healthcare, and business in the region. The county announced plans to build an orchard and educational garden at Cherokee Veterans Park in Canton, in June 2020.

Is Canton Georgia Safe?

According to a survey by SafeWise, Canton is one the most secure cities in Georgia. The survey was released earlier this month. It’s based on data that tracks crime and security. SafeWise places Canton 26th in its list of Georgia’s 50 Safest Cities for 2020.



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