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Dumont: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Dumont, New Jersey

Tourist Attractions in Dumont, NJ

Despite being a quaint, two-square-mile borough, Dumont, NJ, has a lot to offer. A sandstone Reformed church, built during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, and a Revolution-era homestead serve as the town’s historical landmarks. Residents also enjoy a local public library and diner, the latter of which is said to be the oldest in the state. Despite the small size of the town, many residents say they love the community’s safety.

The Dumont family is thought to have originated in Burgundy, an administrative region in east-central France. They held their family seat in the seigniory of St. Jean. Many of them became wealthy in this region, as the name of their ancestral village is still reflected in the family’s name today. Their ancestors may have been wealthy in other fields, but their names are not particularly well-known outside of France.

Though the population of the borough has a mixed personality, it is home to people from all walks of life. From teachers to plumbers to grocery clerks, Dumont is home to business commuters and police officers. There are even those who jog and bike through the area. There is something for everyone in Dumont, so you’re sure to find something that suits your style and lifestyle. And while you’re at it, consider living in Dumont!

Although the town’s population is small, it is home to a diverse collection of businesses. A vintage clothing store, a coffee bean seller, and a hardware store that advertises live bait are all located within the central business district. There’s even a Stop & Shop grocery store located near the Bergen-Cresskill border. There’s a small town feel to the town, and the city’s mayor and planning director Andrew LaBruno said that the borough is actively engaged in reviving its downtown.

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Saddle River County Park

Saddle River County Park, a county park covering 596 acres in Bergen County New Jersey, USA, stretches from Ridgewood to Rochelle Park and ends at Glen Rock. The park is located on the Saddle River, and is made up of five sections.

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Each section is connected by a paved path which is accessible to pedestrians as well as bicyclists.

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Oradell Reservoir

The Oradell Reservoir, a reservoir created by the Oradell Reservoir Dam in Bergen County New Jersey, USA, is the Hackensack River’s Hackensack River.

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Demarest Nature Center

The Demarest Nature Center, located in Demarest NJ, USA is open to everyone, residents and not, throughout the year. The center aims to preserve and protect important open spaces in the middle of a large urban area and educate all ages about the beauty and importance of the environment.

The trustees of Demarest Nature Center Association encourage you to visit this site to learn more about the Center and its programs. You can click on any topic to learn more about the Center. The links will also introduce you to our events, endeavors, as well as other nature centers nearby. We hope that you will return to the site often as it is continually growing and being updated.

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Lake Tappan

Lake Tappan, which is located on the Hackensack River at the border of New Jersey/New York, is a reservoir that has been impounded by Tappan Dam. The lake crosses the New Jersey border, separating River Vale in Bergen County and Old Tappan, in Bergen County.

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It then extends northwards across the New York state boundary into Orangetown, Rockand County. In 1967, the reservoir was created by flooding areas around the former CAPROC Field Civil Air Patrol runway. Lake Tappan’s reservoir covers 1,255 acres. The majority of the area is located in New Jersey. It contains 3.5 billion US gallon of water. Up to 12 to 13 millions US gallons are released daily into the Oradell Reservoir. This reservoir is entirely located within Bergen County, New Jersey. This water can travel between reservoirs in as little as three hours. Lake Tappan is 21 feet deep on average and 43 feet at its maximum depth. Jim McGreevey, the Governor of New Jersey, visited the reservoir on March 11, 2003 and suggested that it be protected along with Woodcliff Lake Reservoir nearby and its tributaries.

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Van Buskirk Island County Park

The Hackensack Water Company’s New Milford Plant was a water treatment plant and pumping station located on Van Buskirk Island. This artificially created island is part of the Hackensack River in Oradell in Bergen County, New Jersey. Hackensack Water Company purchased the site in 1881 and developed it for water supply purposes.

It was constructed between 1881 to 1911 and includes a tall filter tower, a brick pumping station, and extensive underground infrastructure. [4] In the 1980s, United Water merged Hackensack Water Company with Suez North America.

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FAQs: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Dumont, New Jersey

Tourist Attractions in Dumont NJ?

If you have ever wondered: What is Dumont NJ famous for?, you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world are drawn to this town and its beautiful scenery. The borough is also home to the largest Jewish population in the state. The borough’s population was 17,479 at the 2010 Census. This number was down from 17,503 in the 2000 Census, but was still higher than the population of the town in 1990.

Is Dumont Rich?

You may be wondering, “Is Dumont rich?” This question boggles our minds. This Canadian voice actor, writer, and director is a multi-talented artist with a huge net worth. Dumont has worked in both Canada and the United States. His wealth is estimated to total at least $80 million. Read on to find out how much he is worth. To answer this question, we need to look at the various sources of his income.

Tourist Attractions in Dumont, New Hampshire?

If you are planning to raise a family, Dumont may be a good place to start your search. The town has a good public school system, a high percentage of college-educated adults, and many single-family homes with yards for kids to play. The town also has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. However, it is important to remember that the town is not without its drawbacks.

Tourist Attractions in Dumont, New Jersey?

The city of Dumont, New Jersey, has a relatively low crime rate compared to many other towns in the state. In fact, there are fewer registered sex offenders per 1,000 people in Dumont than in most towns in the state. Nevertheless, the city has few safety issues. Dumont’s ordinance makes it illegal to consume alcohol in public, a move that deters underage drinking. In fact, the liquor store that Torn O’Brien operates on Washington Avenue, has been in business for 17 years.

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