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Missouri: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Missouri


Located in the Midwestern United States, Missouri is home to approximately eight million people. The state borders nine other states – Iowa to the north, Illinois to the east, Kentucky and Tennessee to the south, Arkansas to the west, and Oklahoma and Kansas to the west. With a land area of approximately three million square miles, Missouri is the twenty-first largest state in the union. Whether you are looking for a new home or are just curious about what makes this Midwestern state special, there’s something for everyone.

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Despite its large population, Missouri’s name is actually derived from the Siouan language. If the word “Missouri” was translated as “Maya Sunni,” it would sound like “MAH-yah SOON-ee.” The Chiwere language was spoken by many Native Americans before the Civil War, and the counties along the Missouri River had the highest concentration of slaves. If you want to know more about the history of this state, take a look at this brief history of this fascinating place.

The state is renowned for its historic sites. In the 1800s, the state was occupied by France, but was returned to France by Spain. In 1803, the territory was purchased by the United States and was renamed Missouri. It became a state in 1821. In 1861, Missouri declared its support for the Union, whereas many of its prominent citizens sided with the Confederacy. Several civil war engagements occurred in the state during this time.

The Gateway Arch in St Louis, Missouri #1

The 190-metre-high Gateway Arch is a popular tourist destination in St. Louis, Missouri. It is the tallest monument in the state and the world’s largest arch. It is also the tallest accessible building in Missouri and is considered the tallest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere by some sources. The structure is open to the public, so visitors can view it from many different viewpoints.


The Gateway Arch stands in a city park, a perfect spot for people to pray or gather in community. The park is a place for celebration, rituals, and a place for community worship. However, it has strict rules and regulations that affect the behavior of St. Louis residents. Fortunately, this public space is not prone to violent acts, and is not the center of any crime. Instead, it serves as a sacred place for many.

The construction of the arch began in 1963, and it took only two years to complete. It was built as a pair of legs connected in the middle. The distance between the legs equals the height of the arch. To construct the arch, special adjustable cranes were used. The key piece was the hardest part, and builders had to wait until the sun was shining in order to fit it in the middle. This was one of the most challenging parts of the project.

More Details About The Gateway Arch in St Louis, Missouri

Address:St. Louis, MO 63102, United States
Contact: +1 877-982-1410
Height:192 m
Opened:28 October 1965

The Lake of the Ozarks #2

The Lake of the Ozarks is a large reservoir created by impounding the Osage River. The lake is situated in the northern part of the Ozarks in central Missouri. Its impoundment also includes parts of three smaller tributaries to the Osage River: the Niangua River, Grandglaize Creek, and Gravois Creek. When the lake is full, it can hold approximately 1.3 million acre-feet of water.

The Lake of the Ozarks is Missouri’s largest reservoir. The reservoir was created by impounding the Osage River. It has three tributaries: the Niangua River and the Gravois Creek. The reservoir covers an area of 55,000 acres, with 1,850 miles of shoreline. The main channel of the Osage Arm stretches 92 miles, making it the longest man-made body of water in the Midwest.

If you’re looking for a vacation in Missouri, the Lake of the Ozarks is an excellent choice. This area has something to offer everyone. Every July, visitors can enjoy AquaPolooza, a water festival that attracts thousands of people. Then, the boating community comes together for “The Shootout,” one of the largest powerboat races in the world, over a three-mile course.

Another attraction of the Lake of the Ozarks is the Willmore Lodge. Located on the National Register of Historic Places, the Willmore Lodge is a charming visitor center. It includes a museum that displays the history of Bagnell Dam. Its striking wooden-log architecture is a great feature. The historical displays at Willmore Lodge make it a great first stop when planning a trip to the Lake of the ‘Ozarks.’

More Details About The Lake of the Ozarks

Length:150 km
Address:Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, USA
Surface elevation: 201 m
Length:150 km
Area:218.5 km²

The Battle of Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield #3

The Battle of Wilson’s Creek National Historic Site is located near Republic, Missouri. This engagement was the first major American Civil War engagement west of the Mississippi River. You can learn about the battle and the history of the town by visiting the National Park Service site. If you’re visiting the area, you should bring your camera. While you’re there, take a few moments to read about the event. In addition to being a great tourist spot, you should also check out the historic buildings on the grounds.

image cradit : flickr

The Battle of Wilson’s Creek was the second largest battle in the Civil War, and it is one of the most significant in the western part of the South. During this bloody battle, more than 2,500 Union and Confederate soldiers were killed. The site has a fully accessible visitor center with a 27-minute film and museum. In addition, you can take a self-guided driving tour of the battlefield, which is open to the public. You can also take a walking trail to different battle sites.

Visitors are encouraged to take their time in viewing the pristine landscape of Wilson’s Creek. The Ray House, built by General John McDowell, is open daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day. There are five walking trails and a horseback trail, and visitors can also take a guided tour of the surrounding area. If you’re not interested in hiking or horseback riding, the battlefield offers a Civil War Research Library, which is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to 1pm. The library has over 15,000 cataloged books relating to the conflict.

More Details About The Battle of Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield

Address:Republic, MO 65738, United States
Contact: +1 417-732-2662
Established:22 April 1960
Area:7.082 km²

Missouri Botanical Gardens #4

The Missouri Botanical Gardens is a beautiful botanical garden in St. Louis, Missouri. Located at 4344 Shaw Boulevard, the garden is home to a variety of plants from around the world. The Missouri Botanical Garden is also known as Shaw’s Garden, which is the original name of the garden, which was founded by Henry and Mary Shaw. The botanical gardens are free to enter and explore, but donations are welcome.

The Missouri Botanical Gardens also has an extensive collection of glass sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle and Dale Chihuly. You can even see some of these amazing works of art if you don’t have a green thumb. The Missouri Botanical Garden is an excellent place to get some education and enjoy the garden. The gardens are perfect for families who love plants, and are a great place to learn more about how to care for them.

The Missouri Botanical Garden has a rich history. The gardens are comprised of many smaller gardens. Some of these include a Japanese strolling garden, a Chinese garden, a Japanese-style greenhouse, an English woodland garden, and an orchid house. Other areas include an education building, a native prairie area, and a scented garden. These are just some of the highlights of the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

More Details About Missouri Botanical Gardens

Address:4344 Shaw Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63110, United States
Contact: +1 314-577-5100
Area:32 ha

The Saint Louis Zoo #5

Officially called the Saint Louis Zoological Park, the Saint Louis Zoo is located in Forest Park in St.Louis, Missouri. The SaintLouis Zoo is one of the nation’s leading zoos in animal care, conservation and education. The organization is accredited by the Association of Biological Science Centers. Visitors can expect to learn about a variety of animals and enjoy a fun day out with family and friends. The SaintLouis’s educational programs are ideal for children and adults of all ages, including those with special needs.

Founded in 1892, the SaintLouis Zoo has grown to be the largest zoo in the world. The zoo covers 90 acres and is organized into six themed zones. The first habitat-immersion exhibit is called River’s Edge. There are also exhibits dedicated to apes and penguins. The museum’s history is represented in the Historic Hill zone, which has the oldest part of the exposition. The next zone is Big Cat Country, which is home to many unique animals.

The WildCare Institute at the Saint Louis Zoo works to preserve wildlife habitat and promote conservation. The mission of the institution is to promote healthy coexistence between humans and wildlife, preserving biodiversity and protecting habitats for future generations. The zoo’s efforts support the creation of three Missouri conservation hotspots. If you have not been to the zoo in St. Louis, you can take advantage of the WildCare Institute’s programs and activities.

Silver Dollar City Amusement Park #6

A 61-acre amusement park in Stone County, Missouri, Silver Dollar City is located near Branson West. It is located off the Missouri Route 76 and is located on the Indian Point peninsula of Table Rock Lake. The park first opened in 1960 and is known for its various rides and attractions. There are plenty of attractions for visitors to enjoy. The theme park offers a wide variety of family-friendly entertainment for all ages.

The theme park is home to over five million holiday lights and over 1,000 beautifully decorated Christmas trees. Two Broadway-style shows are included in park admission. The 5-Story Special Effects Christmas Tree is a must-see attraction. The Holly Jolly Christmas Light Parade and dozens of shops and restaurants are other highlights. For those who want to purchase gift items, Silver Dollar City has an extensive gift shop with many unique items. The entire family can enjoy the different rides and attractions in the park.

The amusement park is full of interactive fun, with a huge selection of rides. From a steam-powered train to a roller coaster, Silver Dollar City has it all. The thrill ride park features over 40 attractions including the revolutionary Time Traveler, the ground-breaking wood coaster Outlaw Run, the multi-looping WildFire, and the high-flying Giant Swing. A variety of restaurants, themed family areas and a full-service spa will keep you happy all day.

More Details About Silver Dollar City Amusement Park

Address:399 Silver Dollar City Pkwy, Branson, MO 65616, United States
Contact: +1 417-336-7100
Opened:1 May 1960
Owner:Herschend Family Entertainment

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art #7

If you are looking for a museum to visit in Kansas City, you may want to consider the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. This museum is known for its large collection of Asian art. Its collections range from the ancient world to contemporary works. Regardless of what you are looking for, you’ll find it here. Here are some of the best exhibits you can see here. If you have never visited, here are some tips.

Image cradit : flickr

The Nelson-Atkins Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of Asian and Western art. It was named one of the world’s most beautiful buildings by Time magazine and has won numerous awards for its architectural design. The museum’s Bloch Building was one of the most controversial buildings, but it has been named one of the 16 U.S. museums with the best architecture in 2017. It also has a huge reflecting pool.

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art opened in 1917, and has since expanded its collections and expanded its grounds. The museum has more than three5,000 works of art, and welcomes more than 500,000 visitors annually. The modern-day building has been renovated and upgraded to accommodate more displays, educational programs, and special exhibits. This museum has become one of the most popular in Kansas City, with over 500,000 visitors a year.

More Details About The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Address:4525 Oak St, Kansas City, MO 64111, United States
Contact: +1 816-751-1278
Architects:Steven Holl, Thomas Wight, William Wight
Established:11 December 1933

FAQs: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Missouri

Is Missouri a Great Place to Visit?

The state’s gross state product is estimated at $299 billion by the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis. In 2006, the state ranked 26th in personal income. Missouri’s major industries include aerospace, transportation equipment, food processing, and chemicals. The state’s limestone deposits are abundant. It ranks first among states in lead production and lime production. Its cuisine is diverse and rich, and there’s something for everyone.

The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Missouri

There are many beautiful places to visit in Missouri, and some of them are more picturesque than others. If you love waterfalls and are looking for a romantic getaway, you may want to visit Grand Falls, Missouri’s largest waterfall. Located in Joplin, it is breathtaking and has many picnic spots near the falls. You can also take a dip in the water. Kanas City is another increasingly cool place to visit in Missouri. The city features fountains and great shopping. Jacob L. Loose Park is one of the main attractions for tourists and is the third largest park in Kansas City.

Is Missouri a Good State to Live?

There are many great reasons to move to Missouri, including its scenic beauty and peaceful environment. The state has some of the highest violent crime rates of any U.S. state, and property crimes are 15% higher than other states. While this may not sound like a good reason to move to Missouri, there are many reasons to move here. Here are some of them: You’ll love the people and the weather!

What Is a Nickname For Missouri?

One of the most popular state nicknames is the Show Me State. The term is attributed to Representative Willard Van Diver. It means stubbornly loyal to common sense. While some may be offended by this designation, it is not surprising considering the state’s unique geography and geology. While the word show may not be the most flattering, Missouri is a great place to visit. If you’re wondering what Missouri is known for, keep reading to find out why it’s so popular.

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