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Odisha: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in odisha

Things to Do in Odisha

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There is a plethora of things to do in Odisha. You can visit the temples, pilgrimages, broad beaches, and sun-kissed lakes. For those who love adventure, there are a variety of adventure sports you can try. Or you can simply relax and unwind at one of the many spas and health resorts. The state is the perfect destination for just about every type of traveler. Its unique culture and landscape make it an ideal destination for a rejuvenating holiday.

The second largest city in Odisha, Cuttack is known as the cultural capital of the state. There are plenty of festivals to attend in the city, such as the Bali Yatra (a pilgrimage), which celebrates the town’s glorious past as a trading center. The Kite Festival is another popular festival in the city, held in the month of January. You can also take part in the world’s largest annual kite festival in Cuttack.

If you want to enjoy the natural beauty of Odisha, visit the coastal town of Puri. This city is home to India’s largest salt-water lake. Puri is also home to the famous Rath Yatra, which takes place every June and July. If you’re looking for a cultural experience, you can also go to the temples of Raipur, Patna, and Bhubaneswar. Similarly, the state’s northern capital, Bhubaneswar, is close by, so you’ll find many other exciting things to do in this region.

Puri #1

Because of Jagannath Temple, which forms part of Char Dham India, Puri is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus. Puri, a beach town on the Bay of Bengal coast, is a popular choice for West Bengalis who are looking to make a quick trip.

image credit : wikimedia

Puri was a popular tourist destination for backpackers in 1970s, when it became legal to possess bhang. There are many hotels and homestays in the area, but the tourist prefers to stay close to the New Marine Drive. Backpackers prefer Chakra Tirtha. If you plan to visit this area, don’t miss the Rath Yatra (chariot festival), which is held during the month June-July.

Puri is known as the place where Lord Shiva rests. It is part of the Golden Triangle of Orissa. Bhubaneshwar, Konark, and Puri are the cultural and religious centres of Orissa tourism. You should visit Puri’s Chilika lake, Puri beach and Gundicha Ghar, as well as the famous Sun temple at Konark. Puri is rapidly becoming an industrial hub, with many major manufacturing companies moving here.

More Details About Puri

Area code:0675206758 (06758 for Nimapara & 06752 for Puri)
Elevation:10 m
Area:16.84 km²

Bhubaneswar #2

Bhubaneswar is the Indian temple city. It was once famous for its architecture and magnificent temples. However, it is now a vibrant centre of commerce and business.

image credit : wikimedia

Bhubaneshwar, an ancient city rich in beautiful temples that attract tourists and pilgrims from all over India, is a popular tourist destination. Named Lord of the Universe, the city’s name is a reflection of the many temples and religious enthusiasm of its residents. It is a vibrant city that combines its rich history with its progressive and modern present. Bhubaneshwar, the capital of religious tourism, has many magnificent temples that were built centuries ago and have maintained their original form over the years. The Parasurameswara and Lingaraj temples are two must-sees and draw tourists from all over the country.

More Details About Bhubaneswar

PIN:751xxx, 752xxx, 754xxx
Elevation:58 m
Area:422 km²

Konark #3

Konark in Orissa, is a famous place for its Sun Temple, which is also UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also home to the Annual Dance Festival and its stunning sandy beaches.
Konark’s Sun Temple, an architectural wonder and one of the most stunning monuments in India, is a remarkable landmark. The Annual Dance Festival, a cultural celebration that lasts five days, invites dancers from all parts of the country to perform. This festival celebrates the country’s rich cultural heritage and artistic achievements.

image credit : wikimedia

It is an opportunity to really rejoice in the many dance forms our country has created. The Sun temple is the backdrop for the celebrations, which adds grandeur and magnificence. Konark hosts the Sun Festival, which sees devotees offering prayers to the Sun God while taking a dip in the ocean. A Handicrafts Mela is also held at the Dance Festival. This allows you to purchase unique pieces that beautifully reflect Oriya art forms.

More Details About Konark

Vehicle registration:OD
Population:15,015 (2001)
Elevation:2 m

Baripada #4

Baripada, located 248km away from Kolkata and 256km away from Bhubaneshwar is a beautiful city that is known for its pure nature and beautiful culture. Its Rath Yatra, considered the largest and most ancient after Puri, is why Baripada has been called Dwitiya Shrikhetra (Second Puri).

image credit : wikimedia

The world-famous Car Festival (Rathyatra), which allows women only to pull the Rath Maa Subhadra, draws huge crowds. You will also find temples here, which are among the oldest in Odisha. They attract devotees from all walks of life with their strong faith and devotion. The best of Chhau’s dance style, which is internationally renowned, is celebrated here in the middle of April. Baripada is known for its Bangripori “tusser”, which can be purchased in any of its local markets. Simlipal Nature Park is also worth a visit. It has a tiger reserve and sparkling waterfalls. There are many other species of animals and birds. Semul or red-silk cotton trees can be found here.

More Details About Baripada

PIN:757 0xx
Elevation:36 m

Chandipur #5

Chandipur, one of the most beautiful beaches in India, is found in the Baleswar District on the Bay of Bengal. Chandipur Beach is renowned for its beauty, which is rightfully so. The stunning combination of the yellow-golden sands, blue water and beautiful scenery creates a picture-postcard-like atmosphere. It is dotted with Casuarina tree thickets and sand dunes. This is Orissa’s best and most beautiful spot to enjoy a stunning sunset.

image credit : wikimedia

This beach is also known as the “vanishing sea” and the “hide-and-seek Beach”. The waters recede twice daily during low tide, for approximately 5-6 kms, revealing the seabed. It is one of Orissa’s most fascinating places. The seafloor is a treasure trove of colourful seashells, colourful stones, and unique sand formations that attract many people. Along with many other fish, the beach is home to rare Horseshoe Crabs. The beach is also famous for being the location of the launch of DRDO’s Agni and Prithvi ballistic missiles.

Walking deep into the seabed at low tide is one of the most popular activities. You can ride your bike up to the end of the beaches. There are many great cafes and shacks on the beach that serve delicious seafood such as prawns or pomfret. It is a great spot to meet fishermen and watch their fishing. The Chandipur Beach Festival is held every January. It features cultural performances by local dancers such as Chhau and Bihu, exhibits from DRDO, and watersports like parasailing & rafting.

More Details About Chandipur

Vehicle registration:OD 01
Elevation:3 m
Area:21 ha

Paradeep #6

The historic Paradeep, one of the oldest and most important seaports in India, is found in the Jagatsinghpur district. The 17th-century sea-transportation zone, originally a harbour, was an important part of the British regime and during the 1886 famine. Paradeep’s coastline is filled with gorgeous beaches, dense forests, waterfalls, forts, and beautiful scenery. Paradeep is a popular destination for nature lovers.

image credit : wikimedia

The main port area is one of the most beautiful areas along the East-Indian coast. This beautiful confluence of the estuaries of Mahanadi and Paradeep can be seen huge ships and other marine activity. You can spend the day at Gahirmatha Beach enjoying the turquoise-green waters, white crocodiles, and Olive Ridley turtles. To see the exotic animals such as Saltwater Crocodiles (Wild pigs), Darters, Pythons and more, visit the Bhitarkanika national park.

The tranquil atmosphere of the Jhankad Temple is a great place to be alone and enjoy serenity. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Sarala and hosts festivals such as Chandan Jatra, Dola Purnima and Parbana. Admire the Marine Aquarium’s rare fish species. Paradeep Beach lighthouse is a great place to enjoy stunning sunsets and local snacks.

More Details About Paradeep

Founded by:Shri Biju Patnaik
Elevation:1 m
Area:105 km²

Cuttack #7

This former capital is located at the Mahanadi River Delta’s tip. It is also the second-largest Odisha city. Cuttack’s history dates back more than 1000 years to the Keshari Dynasty in 989 BC. It is now considered one of the best-planned ‘Millennium cities’ in the country. Cuttack’s beautiful waterside landscape is interspersed by small rivers such as Kathajodi Kuakhai Birupa and Mahanadi. Nestled among the eastern hills and forested areas are many beautiful pokharis (ponds), forts, temples, and lakes.
Cuttack’s 13th-century Barbati Fort is a landmark worth seeing. The fort was built during the Ganga Dynasty and used to be a palace of 9 stories that covered 102 acres. The moat, massive sandstone walls and earthen mounds can still be seen.

image credit : wikimedia

The 10th-century Dhabaleshwar island temple is a popular spot for its serene atmosphere and beautiful architecture. The stone revetment at the Kathjuri River is one of the most fascinating places. This remarkable architectural feat was created in the 11th century to stop floodwater from flowing.

Take a Cuttack street food tour to experience Oriya cuisine. Bamboo biryani, Macher Kalia and Dalma are some of the many dishes you can enjoy. You can spot exotic fauna and flora at the stunning Bhitarkanika National park & Sanctuary. Crocodiles are the most prominent species, but you may also see Olive Ridley Turtles and Egrets. During the migratory period. If you are lucky enough to be in October, attend the spectacular Durga Puja celebrations. These sandals with silver and gold embellishments are well-known all over the country.

More Details About Cuttack

Metro population:6,66,702
Area code:0671
Elevation:36 m
Area:192.5 km²

FAQs: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in odisha

What is Odisha famous for?

Food is one of the most important aspects of any destination, and this is particularly true of Odisha, a state located in eastern India. In fact, Odisha is known as the Goa of eastern India because of its gastronomic offerings, including the famous Jagannath Temple, which has the largest kitchen in the world! Here, 56 types of food are cooked at once! While many people will not be able to try them all, they will certainly enjoy the diversity.

Is Odisha a Poor State?

Many people in India are wondering: Is Odisha a poor state, or is it an exception to the rule? The coastal state is home to some of the poorest people in the country, so the question “Is Odisha a poor state?” is a valid one. The state’s per capita income is the fifth lowest in India and only 62% higher than the national average. Those statistics may make some people sneer at the state, but the state is not as poor as you think!

Is Odisha a Good State?

In terms of education, Odisha ranks among the bottom states in India. According to a study by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of India, the state ranked 16th in 2017, 2018 and 2016. The state also faced a steep decline in enrolment rates in middle and secondary education. The state has prioritized regular attendance and bringing back all out-of-school children. In fact, the state has almost twenty per cent of its children who are 3-6 years of age who do not go to any kind of pre-school.

Why Orissa is Changed to Odisha?

If you have ever been to Orissa, you must have wondered, Why Orissa is changed to Odisha! The answer to that question might surprise you. This state is in the east of India, and its name dates back to 1950. The word Orissa was originally pronounced Udisa, but due to phonetic problems with the English letters, the name was changed. In fact, the pronunciation of the name is similar to that of the Japanese language.

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