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Orchha: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in orchha

Orchha – India’s Most Enchanting Tourist Attraction

One of the most enchanting parts of Orchha is its historic fort. It rises abruptly from the Betwa River and was built in memory of the Mughal Emperor Jehangir. Its interiors feature a collection of antique mural paintings. Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo built the Jahangir Mahal to honor the emperor. This palace exhibits many elements of the Bundela School of architecture, including geometric patterns and paintings of peacocks and flowers.

Orchha has a rich and colorful history. The first king of Orchha was Rudra Pratap Singh, a Rajput chief from Bundela. He died in 1531, leaving no heir. The next king, Bharatichand, reigned until he died heirless in 1554. His younger brother, Madhukar Shah, succeeded him. Around 1570, Islam Shah Suri was threatening Orchha, so the Madhukar Shah accepted the Mughal Empire.

Orchha is situated on the banks of the Betwa river and is the second largest town in Uttar Pradesh after Bhopal. It has a temperate climate and experiences southwestern monsoon rains in July-September. The town is located about 80 km from Tikamgarh in Madhya Pradesh and 15 km from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh. Its fort complex and Chaturbhuj Temple are among its most notable sites. Chhatris are also popular in Orchha.

The Ram Raja Mandir is the moral center of the city and draws devotees from far and wide. Nearby are tourist lodges, market stalls selling curios and delicious chaat. While in Orchha, don’t forget to visit the Bir Singh Ju Deo Cenotaph and the Bir Singh Ka Sthan. If you haven’t visited Orchha, be sure to make the trip!

Jehangir Mahal #1

This palace was built to serve as a citadel and garrison for the Mughals in order to have greater control over the Bundela area. It was completed by Bharath Bhushan in 1598 after he defeated Vir Singh of Bundela.

image credit : wikimedia

This is an excellent example of Mughal architecture. The domes were built in accordance with Timurid practices and the gates, or Iwans, are large enough for War elephants to enter. This palace was also a major palace for the Mughals due to its elevated position in relation to the surrounding area.

More Details About Jehangir Mahal

Address:Paryatan Bhawan, Orchha, Madhya Pradesh 462003
Built:17th century CE

Ram Raja Temple #2

The fascinating history of this beautiful Ram temple is intriguing. It is believed that the Idols, which were to be installed at the Chaturbhuj Temple in Chaturbhuj, were preserved on the spot where this temple stands today.

image credit : wikimedia

The idols were not able to be moved once they had been placed on the ground. The place was declared holy, and a temple was built to house the idols. Ram Raja Temple is a peaceful structure, with a marble courtyard and colorful walls.

More Details About Ram Raja Temple

Address:Survey No, 457, Tikamgarh-Jhansi Rd, Marg, Orchha, Madhya Pradesh 472246

Chattris #3

Chattris is located on the banks the Betwa river. It contains a collection of royal tombs of Maharajas. They are placed on a platform supported by pillars.

image credit : wikimedia

Chattris’ charm is best appreciated from the narrow bridge that spans the river on the other side. From this bridge, you can see the entire reflection of the tombs. Chattris’s domes are decorated with beautiful paintings that add to its charm, which has been attracting tourists for years.

More Details About Chattris

Orchha Fort #4

Complex of Orchha Fort includes many formidable structures, including palaces, temples and cenotaphs. This majestic fort is a testament to the heroic Bundela Rajputs, and their tales of valor. The fort is located on the banks the River Betwa and boasts impressive stone carving and paintings within its walls. It caters to both history lovers and nature lovers.
It is home to the Raja Mahal, a prominent example of intricate architecture. Ram Raja Temple, which is a part of the fort complex, is the only place where Lord Rama is worshipped in India as King Rama.

image credit : wikimedia

Jahangir Mahal was built in 1605 by Bir Singh Deo and Rai Parveen Mahal was built exclusively by Raja Indrajit for Rai Praveen, a dancer-poet. Orchha Fort’s light and sound show is a popular tourist attraction for those who visit the tourist areas of Orchha.

More Details About Orchha Fort

Address:Ticket counter, Orchha fort complex, Orchha, Madhya Pradesh 472246
Materials:Stone, brick and mortar

Lakshmi Narayan Temple #5

Lakshmi Narayan Temple, one of Orchha’s most significant temples, is one of the largest structures. Bir Singh Deo built Lakshmi Narayan Temple in 1622. It is a combination of temple architecture and fort architecture.
Visitors will be charmed by the murals found in the interiors and exteriors of the Lakshmi Narayan Temple. They teach spiritual and secular lessons, and tell the story of Lord Rama’s life. The temple’s paintings look as fresh as freshly painted art.

image credit : wikimedia

It is constructed with lime mortar and is very well preserved. Due to its religious significance, the temple is a popular destination for history buffs as well as Hinduism followers. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi but there are no idols of her. This makes it one of Orchha’s most interesting places to visit.

Phool Bagh #6

Phool Bagh, as the name implies, is a popular property that sprawls its lush greenery in Orchha’s historic land. It is a unique tourist attraction in Orchha, as it is not primarily heritage-centric and offers a refreshing experience among the tall, historical structures.

image credit : wikimedia

This beautiful garden was created as a monument to the martyrdom of Dinman Hardaul. He was accused of having an affair with his brother’s woman and he died to prove it. You can visit Phool Bag and tie a string at the sacred screen. This ritual is believed to fulfill the wishes for believers.

Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary #7

Tourists visiting Orchha’s historic attractions will find Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary a great place to relax. The town is rich in history and culture, but the wildlife sanctuary provides a close encounter with nature for visitors. It is worth visiting the Orchha wildlife sanctuary as it will revive your mind, body, and soul through close contact with nature.

image credit : wikimedia

As the tranquil River Betwa flows through the sanctuary, it is home to marine life as well as an important lifeline for the forest’s animals. This sanctuary offers a wonderful safari through the forest, which is home to more than 200 bird species.

More Details About Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary

FAQs: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in orchha

What is Orchha Famous For?

If you are planning a trip to Orchha, you might be wondering what the town has to offer. Orchha is home to several temples, but the most popular ones are Ram Raja Temple and Chaturbhuj Temple. The Ram Raja Temple is where you can find Lord Ram as a child-king. Originally a queen’s palace, the temple is still visited by devotees on special occasions. Built by Madhukar Shah and Vir Singh Deo, these temples are some of the tallest in India.

Who Built Orchha Fort?

Who built Orchha fort? is a common question on the tourist’s mind. The fort is a huge, beautiful island on the river Betwa, with multiple residences. The main establishment, or Raj Mahal, is situated in a quadrangle. The second most important building is the Jahangir Mahal, which is dedicated to the memory of the Emperor Jahangir. The third residence, Rai Parveen Mahal, is the romantic tale castle named after the poetess and musician, Rai Parveen. The entire fort is a storyteller, and a highlight of Orchha. Lord Rama is revered here as the ideal ruler and the God.

Who Made Orcha Temple?

If you’ve ever wondered “Who made Orcha Temple?” you’re not alone. This question has fascinated archaeologists for thousands of years. However, the answer to this question may not be what you’re expecting. There’s an interesting story behind the building of this Hindu temple that will be revealed in this article. You may be surprised to learn that the building is nearly four hundred years old! In fact, it is the oldest Hindu temple in the world!

Who Built Jahangir Mahal in Orchha?

The Jahangir Mahal in Orchha is a magnificent and imposing structure. Built in Timurid style, it is surrounded by a colossal moat. Located on an elevated site, the palace is surrounded by twelve thousand men, a tribute to Jahangir’s power and status. Jahangir visited Orchha in 1606 and bestowed Bundelkhand upon Vir Singh, who built the palace. Today, the palace serves as a fitting memorial.

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