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Polson: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Polson, Montana

tourist attractions In Polson, Montana

Polson, Montana is home to approximately 5,000 people. It is located at the southern end Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana. Flathead Indian Reservation is where the town is located, and home to the Confederated Saltish and Kootenai Tribes. It is also one of Montana’s most charming small towns. This town serves as a base camp to explore the Northwest region and taste delicious food.

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Flathead Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the lower 48 is the main backdrop to any Polson vacation. This huge water body covers more than 200 miles and has numerous access points. Polson offers many ways to enjoy its lakeside location.

Another aspect that is thriving in the area is the lake. Bright and juicy cherries are produced by the clean water and fertile soil around the lake in late July and early august. Flathead Lake Cherry Festival is a celebration of this bounty in Polson every summer.

This town is a great addition to any Montana road trip. Polson from Missoula is a 70 mile drive. Polson from Kalispell is a 50 mile route that runs alongside the lake. The Crown of the Continent Glacier National Park is a mere 70-mile drive north. Polson, however, is a unique destination that offers many attractions such as surging dams or detailed museums. It can be added to your itinerary for a few days.

Get started planning your Montana vacation by checking out our Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Polson, Montana

Flathead Lake #1

Polson is best known for its Flathead Lake. The entire coastline of Flathead Lake, which is the Western U.S.’s largest natural freshwater lake, stretches more than 180 miles. Polson is located at the lake’s southern tip. If you are driving from Missoula, you will enjoy a spectacular view of the water.

You can find state parks units, campgrounds, or hiking areas along either shoreline that extends from Polson. The best way to enjoy the lake’s beauty is by going on the water. The lake’s size is not the only reason it is so popular. It also has excellent paddling, powerboating and fishing conditions.

A few boat rental businesses are located in Polson. There are many vessels available at Riverside RecreationFlathead Boat Company. There are many boats available for rent in Polson, including powerboats, pontoons and Jet Skis. Riverside Recreation has a fleet kayaks and stand-up paddleboards for non-motorized travel.

More Details About Flathead Lake

Width:24.9 km
Length: 43.9 km
Surface elevation:882 m
Area:510.2 km²

The Miracle of America Museum #2

The museum is home-grown and houses thousands of artifacts that span a broad range of Americana. This museum is visited by thousands every year. When you visit, plan to spend at least an hour browsing the collection.

image credit : flickr

A few pieces of the museum’s collection include vintage motorcycles and a turn century schoolroom. The museum also has prominent exhibits of historic automobiles, artistic sculptures, as well as firearms from all ages. Golf ball cacti, extraterrestrial memorabilia and other obscure items are just a few of the many.

Everyone will find something that interests them, as there is so much to choose from. The museum is family-friendly and open all year. Children under 2 years old are admitted free of charge.

More Details About the Miracle of America Museum

Address:36094 Memory Ln, Polson, MT 59860, United States
Contact: +1 406-883-6804

Kalispell #3

Kalispell is located 10 miles from the lake’s northern tip and is the largest city of Northwest Montana. Additional cultural, natural, and culinary attractions make it worth the day-trip from Polson. Visit the charming downtown district, which is filled with Western-inspired goods.

image credit : flickr

Kalispell, much like Polson is a great starting point for your area adventures. The surrounding area offers great golfing, skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. There are also several museums that offer engaging experiences, such as the Northwest Montana History Museum or the Hockaday Museum for Art.

Half the fun is driving from Polson into Kalispell. There are two routes that span the lake on either side. Each route offers great views along its approximately 50-mile length.

From Polson to Kalispell, the east shore follows closely the water until reaching Bigfork. Between July and August, this route is lined by cherry stands. The western route links with communities such as Big Arm and Lakeside. There are also several restaurants along the route.

More Details About Kalispell

Elevation:901 m
Address:Kalispell, MT 59901, USA
Mayor:Mark Johnson
Area:32.38 km²

Wild Horse Island #4

Wild Horse Island is the largest island in Flathead Lake and covers more than 2,000 acres north from Polson. This landmass is unique because it is densely forested and large enough that wildlife can live there, including bighorn sheep and mule deer.

The island is now a designated state park for day-use. Wild Horse Island is not accessible by public boat. Visitors must charter their own boat. The island is surrounded by six designated landing areas, where you will find the best hiking trails starting from the Eagle Cove or Skeeko bay landing areas.

Boat Rentals and Rides offers a round-trip shuttle to Wild Horse Island for people without their own boat. The locally-owned company offers both motorized and nonmotorized rentals. Further north, Sea Me Paddle offers guided trips on kayaks to the island and back.

Wild Horse Island has very few amenities and is extremely primitive. Visitors should bring everything they have to the island, except for toilets. Tribal fishing licenses are required for anyone who is interested in fishing. Picnicking and swimming are two other popular activities on the island.

More Details About Wild Horse Island

Location:Flathead Lake
Indian Reservation:Flathead Indian Reservation
Highest elevation: 3,749 ft (1142.7 m)
Total islands:1
Adjacent bodies of water:Big Arm Bay

Sandpiper Gallery #5

The Sandpiper Gallery in Polson is a must-see for art lovers. The Sandpiper Gallery was founded by local artists in the 1970s. It promotes the regional art scene today. The gallery is home to many paintings and other art pieces. You will find exquisite jewelry, ceramics, and home decor items when you browse through the different sections.

image credit : flickr

The best thing about this gallery is that you can not only admire the amazing art but also buy them back for personal use. Even though Sandpiper Gallery is small, it feels satisfying and rejuvenating.

More Details About Sandpiper Gallery

Address:306 Main St A, Polson, MT 59860, United States
Contact: +1 406-883-5956

Polson Bay Golf Club #6

Since 1938, Polson Bay Golf Course has been one of Montana’s best-known golf courses. The 18-hole championship course is the highlight, while the 9-hole Olde Course is breathtaking and more impressive than anything you could imagine. It is a wonderful place to visit, with its beautiful scenery and friendly staff.

The gold course is open from May to September, and the hours are flexible. For the 9-hole course, the entry fee is $29; for 18-hole course, it costs $49 to $54, depending on whether you go on weekdays or weekends.

The stunning views of the lake are what make Polson Bay Golf Course so special. Even if you don’t like golf, you can still enjoy the tranquility and panoramic views.

More Details About Polson Bay Golf Course

Address:111 Bayview Dr, Polson, MT 59860, United States
Contact: +1 406-883-8230

Polson Skate Park #7

The Polson Skate Park was built in 1995 by locals. Locals love it. Individuals often skate on the park’s well-maintained tracks. The park welcomes cyclists who want to ride down the lanes. Visitors of all ages and skill levels can enjoy skill development and having fun at the park.

The Polson Skate Park is open daily from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and is accessible for free for everyone. You can also use it to warm up before heading out into the wilderness for more adventurous recreation.

FAQs: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Polson, Montana

Is Polson Montana a Good Place to Live?

Polson, Montana is a small city that is a one-hour drive from the nearest large city. Despite being a small town, Polson maintains a low crime rate. There are only 44 crimes per 1,000 residents, which is above the national average. Compared to other towns of the same size, a higher crime rate in a smaller city can be attributed to the low population density.

Polson Montana – Home to the Flathead Valley’s Cherry Festival

Located in the fertile Flathead Valley, Polson hosts an annual Cherry Festival, which attracts cherry lovers from all over the world. The town is home to a thriving arts scene and has a quaint downtown district, with lots of art galleries and boutiques. A few of the city’s top attractions include the Polson Museum and the Sandpiper Gallery Art Festival. Visitors to a Polson hotel can enjoy a relaxing evening at a local restaurant.

What Tribe is in Polson MT?

What tribe is in Polson, MT? This small town lies on the shores of Flathead Lake, a body of fresh water. The community is the county seat for Lake County. Located near Flathead Lake, a nearby river offers whitewater rafting, and the city’s cultural history is well preserved. Polson has several city parks, including a lakefront park.

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