Roxbury: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Roxbury, New Jersey


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Tourist Attractions in Roxbury, New Jersey

Roxbury, New Jersey is a township in Morris County. The town is home to approximately 23,324 residents, which decreased by 559 from the 2010 Census, but increased by 3,454 from the 1990 Census. There are many things to do in Roxbury. You can get a great start on your new life in Roxbury by checking out the area’s history. You’ll be able to see what made the township so special and how to find out about the area.

The township’s history dates back to the 17th century. Early European settlers arrived here in search of iron, fuel, and water. The township was incorporated as the fourth township of Morris County in 1740, and originally spanned from Lake Hopatcong south through Chester. At this time, Roxbury was a small settlement on the road from Morristown to Newton, which was originally part of the Lenape Minisink trail that traversed the state. In 1751, Abraham Drake built a mill and operated a tavern in Roxbury.

The town’s schools are exemplary. Students at Roxbury Public Schools benefit from small class sizes, extra-curricular activities, and college-preparatory courses. In the 2015/16 school year, over 3,750 students attended Roxbury Schools. 86% of Roxbury graduates attend college or university within 16 months of graduation. Special needs students benefit from exceptional programs in the Roxbury Schools. The town’s Marching Band is consistently ranked among the best in the state, and in 2016 won the Group IV Open Class US Bands State Championship.

The Roxbury Contemporary Catskill Lodging #1

The Roxbury is a boutique motel resort nestled in the Catskill Mountains, Roxbury’s historic village. The rooms are a modern twist on traditional country lodging and offer a unique experience for the discerning traveler.

More Details About The Roxbury Contemporary Catskill Lodging

Address:2258 Co Rd 41, Roxbury, NY 12474, United States
Contact: +16073267200

Plattekill Mountain #2

Plattekill Mountain offers snow tubing, skiing and snowboarding. Plattekill Mountain is one of the few privately owned mountains in the country that has a reputation for having a relaxed, authentic, and genuine vibe that sets it apart from all the rest. In the warmer months, Plattekill hosts live music events and festivals. It also serves as a bike park and wedding location.

More Details About Plattekill Mountain

Address:469 Plattekill Rd, Roxbury, NY 12474, United States
Contact: +16073263500

Shepard Hills Golf Club #3

Shephard Hills Golf Course originally belonged to Helen Gould Shepard. Shepard was the daughter of Jay Gould (a Roxbury native), and was originally part of her estate. The nine-hole course features challenging terrain and stunning mountain views. The clubhouse and pro shop, which offer full-service services, are located in the estate’s former guesthouse. This remarkable stone structure was built by the Gould family and constructed in 1911.

More Details About Shepard Hills Golf Club

Address:185 Golf Course Rd, Roxbury, NY 12474, United States
Contact: +16073267121

Jay Gould Memorial Church #4

The church is an English Gothic-style historic structure made of St. Lawrence marble and interior Indiana limestone. It was built by Jay Gould’s children as a tribute to their father. Jay Gould was a well-known Gilded Age railroad tycoon who was born in Roxbury, NY, in 1836.

More Details About Jay Gould Memorial Church

Address:53837 NY-30, Roxbury, NY 12474, United States
Contact: +16073267655

Kirkside Park #5

Kirkside Park, a 14-acre gem, was once the estate of Helen Gould Shepard (daughter of Roxbury native Jay Gould). The park was built in 1905 and features Adirondack-style bridges, paths, a carefully crafted stream bank, native plants, and imports from Lyndhurst Greenhouse. The park is free to the public and available for party and tent rentals.

Roxbury Arts Group #6

The Roxbury Arts Group provides high-quality arts programming at two of their venues, The Roxbury Arts Center, Roxbury, NY, and the Old School Baptist Church, Denver-Vega Valley. Roxbury Arts Group also manages the Decentralization Grant Program, which provides funding for artists and non-profit organizations within Delaware County.

Woodchuck Lodge #7

Since 1962, Woodchuck Lodge in Roxbury is a National Historic Landmark. Built in the early 1960’s, the Lodge was home to John Burroughs who was America’s most beloved naturalist-essayist. You can visit the home from May to October on the first weekend of each month.

More Details About Woodchuck Lodge

Address:Burroughs Memorial Rd, Roxbury, NY 12474, United States
Contact: +15188276111

FAQs: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Roxbury, New Jersey

Is Roxbury NJ A good place to live?

In the 17th century, European settlers first came to the region of New Jersey to find fuel, water, and iron. Roxbury Township was incorporated as the fourth township in Morris County, New Jersey, in 1740, and initially stretched from Lake Hopatcong south to Chester. It was an early settlement along a road from Morristown to Newton, originally a Lenape Minisink trail that crossed the state. In 1751, Abraham Drake built a mill and opened a tavern.

Is Roxbury NJ nice?

Many people wonder if Roxbury NJ is a nice place to live. Fortunately, Roxbury is a town in Morris County and it has a population of 23,324 in 2010. While the population is down slightly since the 2000 Census, it has grown by about 2% from 1990 to 2010. If you are thinking about moving to Roxbury, make sure you check out its reviews first. They are usually quite positive about the area and people living in Roxbury.

What towns are part of Roxbury nj?

Have you ever wondered, What towns are part of Roxbury, NJ? If so, you are not alone. There are many other people wondering the same thing. In this article, we will answer that question and more. Roxbury is located in Morris County, New Jersey. Its population was 23,324 at the 2010 Census, down by 559 people from the 2000 Census and up by 3,454 from the 1990 Census.

What exit is Roxbury NJ?

You’ve probably wondered “What exit is Roxbury NJ?” if you’re looking for directions to get to your destination. Here’s how you can get to Roxbury, NJ with a map and directions from Moovit, a free transit app. Moovit can show you the quickest route to Roxbury, NJ, as well as estimated travel times. You can also use Moovit to find alternative routes and prices to get to your destination.

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