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Avalon: Top-Rated 8 Places to visit in Avalon, CA

Avalon is the island’s most popular tourist spot. It’s a world away from the bustle of Southern California’s mainland cities. Visitors can see Avalon’s sights from either a golf cart or a boat, as there are very few cars. Avalon is a safe, clean and beautiful beach town. It’s also home to many great places to eat and drink.

Visitors can enjoy many activities while in Avalon. These include swimming, snorkeling and kayaking, fishing as well as biking, hiking, biking, zip-lining, shopping, visiting museums and art galleries, or taking guided tours of the city.

Many events are held throughout the year on the Island, including music, art, and athletic events.

Avalon, the hidden jewel of Southern California, is located on Catalina Island near the southern tip Los Angeles. This city is rich in history and charming, offering a beautiful bay with a horseshoe shape along the coast of Southern California.

Avalon Night View

Catalina Island has been home to people for thousands of generations. The city of Avalon was founded in 1913. Although the city is just 3 miles in area (4.8 km2), the island covers 76 miles (122.3km2) and has 55 miles (88.5km) of coastline. There are many activities to enjoy, as well as relaxing beaches for book lovers.

Catalina Undersea Exp Edition #1

The stunning underwater world of Southern California Coastline is a must-see. Viator Tours offers daily trips to stunning reefs, where you can see tropical marine life in their natural habitat from the semi submerged vessel.

The glass bottom atrium gives you a great up-close view of the fish during feeding times. You can watch schools of fish glide right by your window, taking amazing photos. The Catalina Undersea Expedition, a great way to discover this activity for families and an essential part of Catalina Island, is ideal.

Address:Green Pleasure Pier, Avalon, CA 90704, United States
Phone:+1 800-626-1496
Hours: Opens 9:15AM
Type:Water Sports
Website:Catalina Island Fishing Tours

Catalina Island Fishing Trips #2

Catalina Island is the perfect place to relax if fishing is your thing. There are many schools of fish that surround the island, which bring in larger sport fish like Yellowtail and Seabass.

The fisherman’s tale about the “big one” is well-known. Here on Catalina Island, there are many opportunities to catch a great catch. You have a choice of several fishing boats, or you can choose to go out on your own and set up a fishing line in a remote location.

Catalina Island fishing trips
Address:105 Pebbly Beach Road Avalon, CA 1990704
Website:Catalina Island Fishing Tours

Catalina Casino #3

Catalina Casino

This beautiful architectural gem was built in 1928 and is a major tourist attraction in Avalon. Catalina Casino, a theater and ballroom located right on Avalon Bay, is an Art Deco-style venue that will appeal to even the most architecturally discerning guests. The grand building is not a gambling spot, but a gathering place derived from the Italian term Casino.

The original name of the site was Sugarloaf Casino, which was built in 1919 as a dance hall. It was then rezoned to allow for a larger building, now Catalina Casino. The iconic structure is 12 stories tall and has an interior decorated with sterling silver accents and gold leaf accents. This ornate building also serves to shelter the entire Avalon population, with a 2-week food supply.

Address:1 Casino Way, Avalon, CA 90704
Website: Catalina Casino

Island Water Sports #4

Island Water Sports

Catalina Island has many water sports to enjoy! Descanso Beach offers kayaks and paddleboards to allow you to experience the stunning blue waters close up. Snorkeling and scuba diving are great ways to enjoy the California coast. The underwater world is something that true divers love the most. Avalon is an ideal location for water sports enthusiasts. The sunny skies make it a great spot for outdoor activities.

Website: California Water Sports

Hermit Gulch Trail Hike #5

There are many beautiful trails that you can hike along the coast. The trail leads you to Lone Tree Point, a final destination of 6.2 miles (10 km). This moderately difficult trail is loved by nature lovers and hikers alike. It takes about 2 hours to complete the trail loop through natural wildflowers, stunning Californian ocean and mountain views. Cliffs rise from the sea. You can take a picnic to one of the stunning overlooks on your way to Lone Tree Point.

Hermit Gulch Trail Hike

Wrigley Botanical Gardens #6

Wrigley Botanical Gardens

This is California at its best. The gardens are stunning and will give you a true sense of the Southwest as you walk through their well-kept grounds. The desert heat is a striking contrast to the ocean. You will find beautiful flora, fauna, and stunning desert landscapes with many types of cacti. This area of Avalon is a must-see for anyone who loves the Southwestern style. Make sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen!

Address:1402 Avalon Cyn Rd, Avalon, CA 90704
Website:Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Gardens

Lover’s Cove #7

Lover’s Cove

Lover’s Cove is a stunning retreat. This scenic walk is located along Pebbly Beach Road and is a popular snorkeling and swimming area. The clear, blue waters of California are breathtaking and visitors are amazed at the beauty of the marine life. The stunning backdrop of the coast mountains is perfect for the sparkling waves of Avalon Harbor. This is a popular destination that is located just a few miles from Avalon. You definitely need to add it to your list in Southwest California.

WebsiteLover’s Cove

Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour #8

Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour

Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour allows you to zip through Descanso Canyon at 600 feet (182 metres) above sea level. You will be able to zip safely over treetops and stop at eco-stops to learn more about wildlife and the environment. This is a great way for adrenaline to be increased and knowledge to be shared. You’ll be amazed at the stunning views and photo opportunities that this location offers. Safety instructions and equipment instruction will be provided by the guides. Family members are welcome. This highly recommended zip-line tour is a great way to learn more about wildlife and ecology.



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