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Tourist Attractions of Note in the USA

USA: The United States hosts some of our most beautiful landscapes and iconic landmarks. Many of the most popular attractions in the United States draw visitors from all around the globe.

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It is the first step to make a list. You should also keep in mind that Americans are large enough to plan their trips only to certain regions.

United States
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You may wish to see the major sights in the city or visit top parks and natural resources in the US. Sometimes you can combine the two, especially if you plan for a day trip.

There are so many choices, and you will find amazing sights throughout the country. These are the top attractions that you must include in your US itinerary for anyone who has unlimited time or resources.

Grand Canyon, United States

This stunning natural attraction is a popular tourist spot in the United States. Grand Canyon, carved by the Colorado River, cuts deep into the landscape and creates impressive cliff walls. The canyon’s rim allows visitors to see down to the canyon floor about a mile below. From there, they can look out over the cliffs or ridges that reach as far away as the eye can.

The South Rim is located approximately 4.5 hours away from Las Vegas. It is the most popular section in Grand Canyon National Park. Here you’ll find an extensive visitor center, regular bus service on the Rim during the high-season, and a walkway which runs along the canyon, with multiple viewing points and platforms. There are many wonderful hikes that start from here, including the Bright Angel Trail.

Another popular attraction, the Skywalk is a glass bridge that leads to the Grand Canyon’s edge. It can be found at Eagle Point, West Rim. This area is located approximately four hours from the South Rim. It is usually less that 2.5 hours from Las Vegas. This area is an excellent choice if you are looking for a day trip from Las Vegas.

This is a new perspective. It also features lookout points. This section is not as well-known and can only be accessed from November through May, because of winter conditions and snow.

Niagara Falls, United States

Niagara Falls, which is located on the border of Canada and the United States, is the most popular waterfall in the world. These waterfalls are the source of Lake Erie’s water, which flows into Lake Ontario via a massive drop.

Niagara Falls is actually a trio of falls. It includes Horseshoe Falls (with a drop height of 187ft), the American Falls (with a drop height of 89ft) and the smaller Bridal Veil Falls (with a drop height of 78ft).

While both sides offer great views, the Canadian side provides a completely different perspective. If you are willing to cross into Canada, it is well worth a visit.

Summer is the best season to visit Niagara Falls. The weather is warm, the gardens are blooming, and it’s pleasant to just wander around. Winter is an amazing time to witness the snow-covered shores as well as the ice-covered street signs, railings, and trees. It’s truly winter paradise.

On clear days, you can see the plume from Niagara Falls’ mist from as far as downtown Toronto, Canada.

White House, United States

The White House, which is the official residence and office of President Barack Obama, should be on your top list. This historic building has been home to every president but George Washington. Lafayette Park can be found on the White House’s northern side. The area beyond is pedestrian-only and is home to many interesting characters. This is a wonderful spot to get great photos.

It was first built by James Hoban 1792. The building was later destroyed by British forces 1814. You can visit the White House for free but you must make reservations at least three week in advance. The White House has strict security measures in effect.

Waikiki, United States

Waikiki is home to the most popular Hawaiian Islands beach and the most famous Pacific beach. This tourist spot has been around for over a century. Today, this area is a hybrid of a tropical paradise as well as a modern city.

The beautiful stretch of sand and palm trees, blown in the wind, will let you know that you are in paradise. However, the busy streets and high-rise buildings behind will remind you that it is not far from civilization. The small island of Oahu is popular for shopping, dining and surfing.

Yosemite National Park, United States

Yosemite National Park in California is one of America’s most beloved national parks. It is also a favorite spot for nature lovers. Famous sights such as Half Dome or El Capitan are best appreciated in person. Another park highlight is the huge waterfalls that tumble from the sheer cliffs of sudden summer rainstorms and mountain snowfall.

Yosemite National Park hosts many activities that can be done outdoors, such as hiking, climbing, walking or horseback riding. Yosemite National Park has some of the most picturesque areas. They are also a great way for you to get away from crowds at lookouts.

Statue of Liberty, United States

The Statue is America’s most well-known icon and the biggest statue in the entire world. Visitors can admire the Statue of Liberty proudly from New York Harbor or take a ferry directly to it.

If you plan on going to the statue, there are options: Ground tickets, pedestal Tickets, or Crown Tickets. These allow you to access the site at various levels. The best option is to go on a sightseeing trip and see Ellis Island and both the Statue of Liberty. Skip-Line Statue and Ellis Island Tour + Pedestal Tickets Upgrade is a popular option. It will make it easy to see this sight.

Walt Disney World Resort, United States

This huge amusement park in Orlando is America’s most popular family attraction. It caters to all ages for decades. Walt Disney World was established in 1971. Through the years, it has managed to remain relevant and retain its appeal for children and adults alike.

Walt Disney World Resort is not just about the different theme parks. It also includes Downtown Disney which offers shopping and theaters as well as a variety of fine dining options. This is a place you can spend a whole day or a full week.

Only an hour drive from the Atlantic coast of Florida is all you need to get some sand and surf.

Las Vegas Strip, United States

Walking along Las Vegas Strip, which runs parallel to the main street, and past the mega-resorts, is like walking through an amusement parks for adults. This street boasts many famous sights, such as the New York skyline and the Eiffel Tower.

At one end, you will see the Luxor Hotel. Built in a pyramid shape with a swimming pool, it is a walking distance from the Luxor Hotel. Inside the resorts, there are many strange and entertaining things. You can see many of the most amazing sights in Las Vegas for free.

Las Vegas, United States is famous for its shows. Las Vegas is home to many world-famous performers who are looking for a place to settle down. Nightly, you will find unique performers from comedy to magic as well as acrobatics.

After you’re done with the excitement of Las Vegas nightlife, take a daytrip to explore nearby attractions. Take a day trip to the nearby Death Valley National Park or Hoover Dam. There are many hiking trails that lead to the desert, including some within walking distance of downtown Las Vegas.

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