Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Edison,New Jersey

#1 Thomas Edison Museum

It is so tiny that most Edison residents don’t know it exists. This makes it a hidden treasure in the Edison area. The museum, located in Menlo Park is dedicated to the celebration of Thomas Edison’s life and work. It will also tell you everything you need to know regarding the history of light bulbs.

#2 Triple C Ranch

Triple C Ranch is an operating farm made up of animal quarters and five separate gardens with a different theme. The ranch is ideal for children as the animals can roam free and can be played with. The gardens are also a great place for taking a stroll to learn about the wildlife and pants of the area.

#3 Roosevelt Park

Roosevelt Park is located to the west of Menlo Park. It offers everything you need for a relaxing afternoon. There are a few grassy areas as well as tennis and basketball courts. In the summer, there is also a roller skating rink that transforms into an ice skating track if you visit in winter.

#4 Rebounderz Edison

Rebounderz Edison is a 41,000-square foot indoor trampoline park that will allow you to unleash your inner acrobat. The arena is composed of rebounding floors, which allow visitors to trampoline until their heart’s content. Safety is guaranteed with squishy foam pits at each end so that no one gets hurt.

#5 Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower

Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower, which stands at more than 15 feet (4.57m) high, is another impressive monument built in honor of the inventor. It even has a lightbulb-shaped roof. It was built exactly on the spot Thomas’s original laboratory stood.

#6 Rutgers Ecological Preserve

Rutgers Ecological Preserve, a small area of forestland, is full of beautiful views and scenic landscapes. The preserve is open to all and is well-maintained. The hikes are enjoyable and well-organized in a beautiful, green area.

#7 Dismal Swamp Preserve

Dismal Swamp, an area of marshland covering 650 acres (263 ha), is a unique area. This area is known for its diversity of animals and plants. It is possible to see how these creatures interact with one another and their natural habitat.