Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Tombstone, Arizona

This place is haunted by ghosts. Apart from the best places to see in Tombstone, there are many other historical and iconic places. We’ve compiled this list of top places in Tombstone to make sure you have a memorable trip.

#1 State Historic Park at Tombstone Courthouse

The first Cochise County town hall is located in the Historic State Park of Tombstone. The Tombstone Courthouse, a two-story Victorian structure built in 1880s with a form that resembles a Roman cross, is a striking, Victorian building.

#2 Rose Tree Bookstore and Museum

One square south of Allen St. is the Rose Tree Bookstore & Museum. This family home and lodge is dedicated to the early Tombstone family. It tells the story of how Tombstone was their home for over 6 generations.

#3 O.K. Corral

This famous spot in Tombstone is a must-see. It honors the iconic 1880s gunfight in the empty area behind the O.K. Corral. The famous gunfight resulted in the deaths of three men and three injured people within a mere 30 seconds.

#4 Good Enough Mine Tour

The Underground Mine Tour lasts 60 minutes and includes an exploration of the Good Enough Mine. This was one of twenty-five silver mines in the Mining District which started the mining explosion that led to the demise of Tombstone.

#5 Bird Cage Theater

Tombstone, a South-East Arizona city that is well-known for its rich history of the Wild West, is also renowned for its many historic sites and tourist spots. You can visit many amazing places in Tombstone. One of these is Allen St., where O.K. is located. Corral is a reenactment of the famous gunfight.

#6 The Tombstone Epitaph Newspaper and Museum

The Tombstone Epitaph, Arizona’s oldest continuously distributed paper and a portal to the history and culture of the Old West, was established in 1880s. It is the monthly distribution paper for the city of Tombstone. The Tombstone Epitaph museum focuses on the history of the paper.

#7 Old Tombstone’s Western Theme Park

The Western Theme Park in Old Tombstone has many attractions and visits that are affordable for everyone. There is everything from shooting displays and Old West Comedy shows to choose from, as well as small-scale golf. It is a great place to visit in Tombstone.